Chris and Beck of Salt and Charcoal stands on a sandy beach in Western Australia with Beck extending her arm showing the Salt and Charcoal camper van behind them.

The Perfect Western Australia Road Trip: Full Itinerary, Planning Tips, and FREE Map!

Western Australia is the biggest state in the country, with SO many bucket-list things to do and mindblowing places to see… It’s easy for FOMO to creep in.

We know this from experience! In fact, we moved to a caravan in 2020 to be able to road trip our way into the world, and we’ve visited pretty much all of Western Australia since then.

So, believe us when we say – the key to a successful road trip around Western Australia is to be organised and strategic when it comes to your planning.

A man riding a camping van going to Margaret River Towns showing the amazing things to do in Margaret River, Western Australia

For example, exploring the whole state in one continuous road trip is intense and exhausting, but doable.

It would take 3 weeks at the very least, preferably with a campervan so you don’t have to worry about booking accommodations every day.

We recommend starting from Perth to the southwest, then up to the Coral Coast, and continuing to Broome before returning to Perth.

All is detailed in this guide. And to make planning easier for you, we divided this road trip itinerary into chunks – mini road trips, if you will.

Each one is added in the free map below! This will help you get a better idea of how the road trip will look like, the places you want to visit, etc.

Planning your Western Australian road trip

Western Australia is a massive state! The road trip can easily be 8.000km, so you have to be strategic in a few things, like:

  • One long road trip, or a few shorter ones?

  • Starting point

  • Best time to do it

  • Choosing the right vehicle

Let’s address each one here:

One long road trip, or a few shorter ones?

If you want to travel Western Australia in one long road trip that starts and ends in Perth, you need to plan for 3 weeks at the very minimum.

Salt and Charcoal van is parked on the side of a road overlooking the vibrant blue sea near the coast of Western Australia. A woman stands atop the van, taking in the vast, scenic ocean view, with a small island visible in the distance.
On top of the world, or at least on top of the van, soaking in the coastal magic of Western Australia!

You’d have to spend only one night in most places and drive around 3-4 hours per day just to stick to the schedule.

3 weeks is doable, but you’d have to be very strict with the itinerary to make sure you can see everything.

Your 3-week Western Australia road trip would look like:

  • Perth to Esperance via Hyden, then back to Perth via the southwest (2,000km)

  • Perth to Exmouth, via Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, and Coral Bay (1,700km)

  • Exmouth to Broome via Karratha, Port Headland, and 80-mile beach (1,400km)

  • Back to Perth via Karijini (2,400km)

You can also stop in Karijini on your way to Broome if you don’t want to return to Perth for whatever reason.

Now, we don’t like this itinerary because of how strict and intense it is, but it’s good enough if you don’t live in Australia and have a short time to visit.

5-6 weeks would be better, and +2 months if you want to explore everything at a more leisurely pace.

…But most people don’t have 1-2 months for travelling. That’s why we recommend doing a few shorter road trips instead!

This allows you to explore the different parts of Western Australia at your own pace, so you can really enjoy everything this beautiful state has to offer.

Best time for visiting

The best time to do a road trip along Western Australia will depend on the activities you want to do and the places you want to do them.

An aerial view of a motor boat in the turquoise waters of Twilight Beach, Esperance, creating ripples as a school of dolphins forms an arc around them.
Making friends with the locals at Twilight Beach. Here’s to bonding with the dolphins, in the best possible way!

For example, swimming with whale sharks and humpback whales in Exmouth is between June and September. But if you want to swim with orcas in Bremer Bay, you have to schedule your visit between January and April.

But other things happen in the entire state, like wildflower season. It is at its peak between August and September, so if you visit during that time, you’ll see them pretty much everywhere!

But don’t worry – you’ll see a “best time to visit” recommendation in each section of the road trip.

Where to start?

It’s best to start in Perth because of how convenient it is.

As the capital of Western Australia, there are many flights to and from this city, and they’re usually cheaper than in other parts of the state.

There are dozens of things to do in Perth, so if you’re new to the area, try spending at least 4-5 days in the city to enjoy it.

Then, rent a car (or a campervan, or a 4WD) and start your Western Australia road trip!

You can either return to Perth to leave the vehicle or drop it off somewhere else.

Choosing the right vehicle for you

If you have to rent a vehicle, choosing the right one for your Western Australia road trip is key to having the best and most comfortable experience.

Here are some options to think about:

  • Rent a car: This is the cheaper option and the most convenient one, as there are heaps of car rentals available throughout the state. You can easily rent the vehicle in one spot and drop it off in another one.

  • Four-wheel drive: If you’re eager to explore off-road and discover the rugged areas of Western Australia, a 4WD is a no-brainer. It has the power to navigate through all the challenging terrains of this state.

  • Campervan/ Motorhome: This adds the convenience of having your accommodation on wheels, so you can easily camp in different locations. It may be the best choice price-wise for families.

We recommend using Discover Cars to find car rentals. They find excellent deals and offer lots of options, even 4WDs!

An aerial view of Salt and Charcoal camper van parked near the edge of a sandy beach in Western Australia, with two people enjoying the secluded shore by the crystal-clear water.
Home is where you park it! Found our slice of paradise on a remote Western Australian beach, just us and the endless blue

As for campervan/motorhome rentals, Star RV is our favourite service. You can rent a home on wheels from all the main cities in Australia. Their vehicles are in top-notch condition and the prices are excellent.

That said, think about your preferences and the type of experience you want to have before choosing the vehicle for your road trip.

FREE interactive map for your Western Australian road trip

Doing a Western Australian road trip is no small task. That’s why we created this free map you can seamlessly add to your Google Maps account.

You can even toggle on/off each section of the road trip! This will help you plan it way easier.

Click on the star to automatically save the map to your account:

Start on the South: Perth to Esperance through Hyden

  • Recommended duration: 5-6 days

  • Best time to visit: Anywhere between September and April

  • Best vehicle: A normal car works, but if you want to go off the beaten path in Esperance or drive on the beach, hire a 4WD

Screenshot of a Google Map showing the route from Perth to Esperance in Western Australia, highlighted in blue, with a travel duration of approximately 7 hours and 42 minutes covering a distance of 714 kilometers.

Start your Western Australia road trip by exploring this gem of the south – Esperance!

This is a scenic coastal town, famous for its world-renowned beaches, excellent waves for surfing, resident kangaroos, and unspoiled landscapes.

To get there, you’ll drive through the Wheatbelt region and make a quick stop in Hyden. Not only to stretch your legs but to check out the awesome Wave Rock!

The best stops on a road trip from Perth to Esperance would be:


This little town is home to Wave Rock, a massive, 15-metre-high rock that looks like a giant wave about to break.

It’s the perfect stop between Perth and Esperance, as there are a few hiking trails you can explore to stretch your legs and see some Aussie critters up close.


Esperance is an absolute gem of the southern coast of Western Australia. Here are some of the whitest beaches you’ll ever see, with sand so fine it squeaks under your feet.

You’ll want to spend 5-6 days here, as there are lots of things to do in Esperance, like:

  • Venture out to Cape Le Grand National Park and meet the friendly kangaroos at Lucky Bay

  • Check out beaches like Twilight Beach, Wharton Beach (our favourite beach in the whole country), and others

  • Camp on the beach at least once (a MUST if you come with a campervan)

  • Drive the Great Ocean Drive loop

The Southwest: Esperance to Perth via Margaret River

  • Recommended duration: 10-15 days

  • Best time to visit: Year-round, but it also depends on what you want to do

  • Best vehicle: A normal car if you don’t want to go off the beaten path

Screenshot of a Google Map route from Esperance to Perth via the Southwest and Margaret River Region in Western Australia, passing through coastal towns such as Bunbury, Margaret River, and Albany. The journey is marked in blue, with a total duration of 14 hours and 38 minutes, spanning approximately 1,290 kilometres.

This route will take you back to Perth, as you explore the region’s breathtaking landscapes and delicious foods.

The road trip is mostly coastal towns with great waves for surfing. There are also a few National Parks in between, which are absolutely worth exploring if you’re into hiking.

The stops in a southwest road trip would include:

Bremer Bay

Bremer Bay is one of the few places in the world where you can see orcas in the wild! This is between January and April, and it’s an experience we recommend to everyone (just bring sea sickness tablets if you’re prone!).

Alt text: A cheerful couple embraces in front of Salt and Charcoal  camper van parked on the sandy shore, with clear blue waters and a sunny sky in the background, evoking a sense of joy and adventure in Bremer Bay beach Western Australia

You can also see the humpback whales migrating their way north between June and October, which is a spectacle in itself.

But if you can’t visit during any of those months, don’t worry. The stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters won’t let you down. They’re perfect for a dip, snorkelling, and even surfing. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Fitzgerald River National Park.


The next stop is Albany, a cozy coastal city that has a bit of everything – history, beaches, and top-notch food and wine.

An aerial view of a striking beach in Albany, Western Australia, with bright turquoise ocean waters lapping onto a pristine white sand shore. Beside the surf, two massive, reddish-brown boulders anchor the scene, one with a person standing by it that underscores the impressive size of these natural features. The stark contrast of the boulders against the sand and sea offers a tranquil yet magnificent coastal tableau.
Feeling tiny next to nature’s wonders at Bremer Bay.

History buffs will love visiting the ANZAC Centre, which is all about Australia’s role in the World Wars. While nature lovers can’t miss out on Torndirrup National Park, home to the Natural Bridge and The Gap.

There are also whale-watching tours during the season!


Denmark is a coastal town famous for its forest with towering trees. Meander through the Valley of the Giants and walk among the treetops on the Tree Top Walk. It’s like being in a green cathedral!

A majestic ancient tree stands tall in Denmark, Western Australia, as a couple admire its grandeur, symbolizing the area's rich natural heritage and the connection between humans and nature.
This tree in Denmark have stories to tell.

Then, explore William Bay National Park. There, you’ll find Greens Pool, a beautiful beach with clear and calm waters, and Elephant Rocks, a collection of giant granite boulders that look like a herd of elephants.


Augusta is at the southwestern tip of Australia, where the Blackwood River meets the ocean.

Make sure to check out Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, where the Indian Ocean meets with the Southern Ocean. Don’t miss the Jewel Cave either, visit with its mind-blowing underground rock formations.

Hamelin Bay is one of the most popular beaches here, with friendly stingrays that often cruise the shallows.

Margaret River

Margaret River is the playground for foodies. You’ll find gourmet foods pretty much anywhere, and there’s a ridiculous number of world-class breweries and wineries. Your biggest challenge is going to be choosing which ones to visit!

This area is also famous for the surfing. Even if you’re not into it, make sure to visit Surfer’s Point just to watch the spectacle of surfers riding the waves.

It has limestone caves and lots of hiking trails, too. There are lots of things to do in Margaret River, it’s impossible to get bored.


Yallingup is another little slice of paradise. It has fantastic surfing, swimming and snorkelling areas for all ages, and jaw-dropping landscapes.

Highlights of this town include the Insta-famous Injidup natural spa, a not-so-hidden rock pool with a small natural waterfall. Also the Ngilgi Cave, an ancient cave with stalactites and stalagmites.

Bec laying in Injidup Natural Spa in Yallingup, with the turquoise waters swirling around rocky formations.

Don’t let the small-town vibes fool you, there’s plenty to do in Yallingup!


Dunsborough is a short drive from Yallingup. Apart from the pristine beaches (like Meelup Beach), you can’t miss Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse.

It’s a beautiful spot in itself, but if you visit between August and November, you might even see humpback whales breaching!

The food and wine scene here is top-notch as well, with some farm-to-table eateries that are absolutely epic.


As you make your way back to Perth, you have to stop in Busselton.

There are lots of things to do in this beautiful seaside town, but it’s particularly famous for its jetty – it extends almost 2 kilometres into the sea. It’s a snorkeller’s dream!

A snorkeler explores the underwater world at Busselton Jetty in Western Australia, gracefully diving amongst the jetty's pilings teeming with marine life.
Taking the plunge into an underwater forest just off Busselton Jetty!

Make sure to explore the Ludlow Tuart Forest as well, the only remaining Tuart forest in the world. It’s absolutely majestic.


Your last stop before finishing your trip around the south west edge should be Bunbury.

Kids and adults alike will love swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins in Koombana Bay, while snorkellers will have the time of their lives in the calm waters of the Jetty Baths.

For a bit of outdoor fun, check out the mangroves and birdlife at the Big Swamp Wildlife Park – it’s like an oasis in the city.

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Coral Coast: Perth to Exmouth

  • Recommended duration: 10-14 days

  • Best time to visit: April to early October

  • Best vehicle: A normal car will take you to most places, but some remote locations require a 4WD (you can book a 4WD tour for those, though)

Screenshot of a Google Map route outlining the Coral Coast road trip from Perth to Exmouth in Western Australia, showing key stops like Jurien Bay, Geraldton, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Carnarvon, and Coral Bay. The route is traced in blue with a travel time of 18 hours and 6 minutes over a distance of 1,733 kilometres.

The Coral Coast has some of the most popular destinations in Western Australia. It has a 1,250km scenic highway connecting Perth to Exmouth, and it’s considered one of the best road trips in the world!

You’ll visit some of the most idyllic towns on the west coast. These are home to world-renowned national parks and awe-inspiring underwater landscapes.

So, the obligatory stops in a Perth to Exmouth road trip are:


Your road trip adventure will start after driving 1.5 hours from Perth, in Lancelin!

It’s famous for the massive sand dunes there. They’re the perfect spot for sandboarding and quad-biking, regardless of your skill level.

Lancelin, Western Australia. Picture of the sand dunes
Sun, sand, and the soothing whispers of the waves in Lancelin Beach. 🌊☀️

The beach is ideal for some top-notch surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or just to soak up the sun.

The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles is a desert in Western Australia, famous for the thousands of ancient limestone spires that stick out of the yellow sand. It’s a truly otherwordly landscape!

You can wander around the formations and snap some epic photos – especially at dawn or dusk, when the light plays tricks and the shadows get all dramatic.

Then, you can continue your drive to the nearby town of Cervantes, with its beaches and delicious seafood.

Jurien Bay

Jurien Bay is a bit of an underrated gem on the west coast, and it’s the kind of place where you can really switch off and just enjoy the good life.

There are lots of things to do in Jurien Bay, but it’s famous for the friendly sea lions that inhabit the waters of the Jurien Bay Marine Park. Some tours take you swimming with them!

And if you’re around during spring, visit Lesueur National Park to enjoy the wildflower displays.


Geraldton is one of the bigger cities you’ll visit during your road trip along the Coral Coast.

There are plenty of things to do in Geraldton, apart from the excellent beaches and top-notch snorkelling. Take the HMAS Sydney II Memorial as an example – it’s not just a poignant piece of history, but the views up there are unreal.

The winds here are just right for windsurfing and kitesurfing. And if you can afford it, definitely take a day trip to the stunning Abrolhos Islands!


Kalbarri will blow your mind. There are so many things to do, that it can easily be a road trip on its own.

Chris and Bec from Salt and Charcoal in the Natures Window, Kalbarri, Western Australia
Just one of the marvelous rock formations in Kalbarri

The town is nestled next to the mouth of the massive Murchison River, right where it meets the sea. Its red rock gorges blossom in colour during wildflower season, it’s a sight to be seen.

But Kalbarri National Park is the star of the show. It’s home to famous attractions, like:

  • Nature’s Window, a natural rock formation that frames the river views perfectly for that epic snapshot.

  • The Z-Bend, a lookout where you can see the river literally bending in a Z shape

  • Kalbarri Skywalk, another lookout with breathtaking views of the Murchison gorge

The lookouts offer some seriously jaw-dropping gorge views that’ll make you feel tiny in the best way. And there are too many hikes to count! You’ll want to spend 2-3 days here, minimum.

Shark Bay and Monkey Mia

This is the place to be if you want to explore some of Western Australia’s most unique landscapes and wildlife.

Shark Bay is a World-Heritage, spot with crystal clear waters and heaps of marine life. Make sure to visit Hamelin Pool and its ancient stromatolites.

Then, head over to Monkey Mia. This place is all about the dolphins, who swim right up to the shore. And if you’re kayaking or paddleboarding, keep your eyes peeled for dugongs munching on seagrass.


Carnarvon is another little spot where a river meets the sea – the Gascoyne River.

The historic Wharf in Carnarvon, Western Australia, stretches into the distance under a breathtaking sky painted with shades of pink and orange at sunset. The wooden structure of the jetty is prominently silhouetted against the vibrant colors, reflecting the calmness of the evening on this scenic coastline.
A Sunset Serenade at Carnarvon Wharf 🌅✨

The town itself has a rich aboriginal history, which you can learn all about at Gwoonwardu Mia Culture Centre.

Another cool place to visit is the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum. It celebrates the town’s role in space exploration!

And if you’re into fresh produce, the Fruit Loop Drive Trail is a must. It’ll take you along several roadside stalls to grab delicious local treats.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is a small town that’s all about the sea and the tourism, as it’s your entry point to the world-renowned Ningaloo Reef, which you can snorkel right off the shore!

In the clear, sunlit waters of Coral Bay, Western Australia, a woman in a yellow swimsuit gracefully swims alongside a gentle giant, the whale shark.
Just Bec, a whale shark, and the silent pulse of the deep blue. It’s a big, beautiful world down here!

This place is also famous for its manta rays, whale sharks, and turtles – there are several Coral Bay tours that can take you swimming with these majestic creatures.

There’s plenty to do in Coral Bay, so book accommodation and tours well ahead of time!


Your final stop is one of Australia’s top tourist towns, and no wonder why. It’s on the doorstep of the Ningaloo Reef, making it a hotspot for nature lovers and ocean enthusiasts.

There are lots of things to do in Exmouth, so you’ll want to spend 5-6 days here.

Famous beaches in Exmouth include the mindblowing Turquoise Bay, Osprey Bay, and Bundegi Beach (among others).

The reef itself and its colourful marine life are just enough reasons to visit. But they’re not even the main attraction here…

It’s the opportunity to swim with whale sharks! These gentle giants migrate through these waters between July and early August. There are dozens of whale shark tours available, but these are our favourites.

This town isn’t only about the sea, though. You can go for a hike and some wildlife spotting in the Cape Range National Park.

🤩 Want the road trip experience without the hassle? Check out this all-included, 7-day tour from Perth to Exmouth: 7 Day Explorer Return Tour from Perth to Exmouth

The Northwest: Exmouth to Broome

  • Recommended duration: 7-8 days

  • Best time to visit: During the dry season, from May to October

  • Best vehicle: 4WD, otherwise you won’t be able to explore Karijini

This is the final leg of this bucket-list road trip through Western Australia. You’ll travel through the outback, which is all about the raw beauty of the great outdoors.

If you plan on returning to Perth by plane, do a detour to Karijini – it’s a national park that’s very remote but absolutely incredible. This would be the route:

A detailed map highlighting the road trip through the Northwest of Western Australia, from Exmouth to Broome, passing through notable locations such as the Karijini National Park and Eighty Mile Beach. The blue line indicates the travel route, covering a distance of 1,855 kilometres with an estimated duration of 20 hours and 31 minutes.

But if you will drive the way back to Perth, then check out Karijini after visiting Broome.

The trip would look like this:

Comprehensive screenshot of a Google Map displaying an extensive road trip route from Exmouth to Broome and then back to Perth via Karijini. The blue path illustrates the travel trajectory over a vast distance of 3,716 kilometres, estimated to take 39 hours.

With that in mind, the stops in a road trip from Exmouth to Broome would be:

Note: You can also drive from Perth to Broome. Just combine the Coral Coast road trip described above with the following itinerary!


Karratha is a bustling little city in the Pilbara region, with tonnes of red earth and big blue skies.

Places to check here include the Burrup Peninsula, home to the oldest rock art on the planet, and the Dampier Archipelago, where you can do some island hopping, fishing, and snorkelling.

And if you’re up for a bit of a detour, visit Millstream Chichester National Park. It’s an oasis in the middle of the dry Pilbara, with some epic swimming holes.


Karijini is one of the gems of the Northwest.

Its rugged gorges slice through ancient red rock, where you’ll find hidden pools and waterfalls that look out of the magazines.

There’s plenty to do in Karijini, but it’s particularly famous for its jaw-dropping gorges. Don’t miss out on the view from Oxer Lookout – it’s where four massive gorges meet, and the view is mind-blowing.

Beck of Salt and Charcoal walk through the expansive Hancock Gorge within Karijini National Park, Western Australia. The gorge walls rise dramatically in layers of deep red and orange rock, encasing a still pool of water reflecting the vibrant colors and the brilliant blue sky above.
Marveling at nature’s grandeur in the heart of Hancock Gorge, Karijini. 🏞️

If you’re up for a challenge, the Spider Walk will get your heart racing as you clamber through narrow rock passages. But if you want to relax, take a dip in the tranquil waters of Fern Pool!

Karijini National Park has something for everyone, that’s why it’s a must-visit.

Eighty Mile Beach

This is a ridiculously long stretch of coastline where the outback meets the sea. Interestingly, it’s not 80 miles long… It’s 140 miles long, or 220 kilometers!

A serene sunset at Eighty Mile Beach in Western Australia, where the sun dips toward the horizon, casting a warm glow and a long reflection over the gentle waves of the ocean.
A Sunset Serenity at Eighty Mile Beach. 🌅

It’s the best place to take a break from your adventure and slow down. There are lots of bird-watching opportunities and hiking trails, and you can even camp on the white sandy beach.


Broome is a laid-back, tropical town with a unique mix of history, culture, and some of the most stunning coastline you’ll ever see.

There are lots of things to do in Broome, but camel riding on Cable Beach has to be on top of your list. It’s an iconic activity to do here, as you watch the sun rise or set over the Indian Ocean.

Some activities can only happen during low tide, making the visit even more unique. Like Gantheaume Point, where you can see real dinosaur footprints at low tide, or Coconut Wells, a group of rock pools that show themselves when the waters recede.

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Add-ons for a longer road trip adventure

If you’re still hungry for more, here are other destinations you can add to your Western Australia road trip:

Gibb River Road

If you want the ultimate Aussie outback adventure, tackling the Gibb River Road is the way to go.

A traveler stands on the edge of a rocky outcrop at Windjana Gorge, Gibb River Road, Western Australia, overlooking a tranquil river flanked by towering cliff walls and lush vegetation.
The cliffs and the quiet murmur of the river at Windjana Gorge. It’s places like this that turn a trip into a journey. 🌄

This is a legendary 4WD track, 660 km long, that cuts through the heart of the Kimberley region.

The top thing to do here is to go gorge-hopping – there are dozens of gorges (these are our favourites), one more beautiful than the next.

🤩 Want the road trip experience without the hassle? Check out this 7-day, 4WD tour of the Gibb River Road: Gibb River Road Explorer

Purnululu National Park

Purnululu National Park is famous for the Bungle Bungle Range, beehive-shaped rock formations formed over 360 million years. It’s a bit of a trek to get there, but 100% worth it for the jaw-dropping landscapes.

The distinctive, beehive-shaped rock formations of the Bungle Bungles in Purnululu National Park, Western Australia, stand out against a clear blue sky in the soft light of the golden hour
The Bungle Bungles’ ancient towers catching the last golden rays.

Another must-see attraction is Cathedral Gorge, where you can clap your hands and listen to the natural acoustics of this amphitheatre-like space.

We recommend camping here if you can. There’s no light pollution, so you won’t see a night sky as amazing as that anywhere else on Earth.

🤩 Want the road trip experience without the hassle? Check out this 5-day adventure tour that starts and ends in Broome: Broome to the Bungle Bungles

Northern Territory

When people talk about the outback, this is what they mean – vast, red, and raw. That’s the Northern Territory.

You can continue your road trip from Broome into the Northern Territory and visit some top spots of the state, such as:

🤩 Want the road trip experience without the hassle? Check out this 4-day tour that starts and ends in Alice Springs: 4 Day Red Centre from Alice Springs

Top Tips

Road tripping Western Australia is absolutely epic, but there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Be aware of wildlife hazards on the roads, particularly kangaroos and koalas.

  • Be prepared for extreme heat and increased wildlife activity during the summer months.

  • Choose a reliable and well-equipped vehicle.

  • Familiarize yourself with the region’s road safety rules and regulations.

  • Stay hydrated throughout your journey.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for the terrain and weather conditions.

  • Always have a first aid kit and other essentials on hand.

Did you know?

Western Australia is so big that it has its own time zone! There are also unique animals like the quokka, the numbat, and the Western Swamp Tortoise.

As for the Ningaloo Reef, is one of the biggest coral reefs globally, and Australia’s largest fringing reef. It’s different from the famous Great Barrier Reef in the east, as you can snorkel and swim right from the shore.


How long does it take to do the Western Australia road trip?

It can take a minimum of 3 weeks to explore Western Australia on a road trip that starts and ends in Perth. That would be a very strict itinerary, with little to no time to detour.

We recommend taking 5-6 weeks to explore this massive region at a more leisurely pace, and 2 months if you want to go off the beaten path.

What is the best month to visit Western Australia?

The best month to visit Western Australia will depend on the area and the activities you want to do.

Generally weather-wise, the south is best visited between summer and autumn (December -May), while the north is best visited during winter and spring (April – November).

Do I need 4WD in Western Australia?

You don’t need a 4WD in Western Australia, but it’s required for some activities (like driving on the beach) and some remote areas (like certain national parks).

The bottom line

From the stunning coastal drives to the rugged Outback landscapes, this epic road trip will be nothing short of awe-inspiring.

If you follow this itinerary, you’ll explore the main highlights of Western Australia, as well as some hidden gems. All while indulging in local flavours and ticking off bucket-list activities

A Western Australia road trip will be the adventure of a lifetime. We hope you love this untamed region and its friendly residents, just as much as we do.

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