Natures Window From Above, Kalbarri National Park

Ultimate Guide To Nature’s Window (Kalbarri, Western Australia): Costs, Hike Trails, Insider Tips, And More!

Nature’s Window (Kalbarri, Western Australia) is a wind-eroded opening on a sandstone rock cliff. Looking through it feels like sitting in front of a window, with walls, ceiling, and everything.

And the view? The vastness of the Murchison River Gorge. It’s breathtaking! No wonder why it’s such an iconic attraction and a must-stop on your trip to Kalbarri.

Chris and Bec from Salt and Charcoal in the Natures Window, Kalbarri, Western Australia

There’s more to do here than take in the view, though. You can also do a class-4 hiking trail, the Loop Trail, which takes you further into the gorge.

However, you have to be mindful about when you’ll visit, the time of the day, and the things you’ll bring. We’ll discuss all about it below.

How to get to Nature’s Window?

This natural rock arch is within Kalbarri National Park. It’s a 30-minute drive from the coastal town of Kalbarri, or a 6-hour drive from Perth.

You can’t tow trailers, boats, caravans, etc in the park, but you can unhitch them in an area a little after the entry station. It’s unshaded and there are limited spots though, so it may be best to leave it in a car park in Kalbarri town.

As for the entry cost, park entry fees apply – $17 per vehicle, per day.

That’s why we recommend planning your visit to also visit other attractions within the park, like the Z Bend or the Kalbarri Skywalk.

Walking along the cliffs of Natures Window, Kalbarri National Park
Walking along the cliffs of Nature’s Window in Kalbarri National Park.

Once in Nature’s Window carpark, it’s a 10-minute walk from the parking spot to the attraction itself. You start by climbing down about three flights of stairs to the start of the marked trail.

Then, the path gets a bit steep and has limited shade. This can be a bit challenging for some, especially on a hot day, but the scenic views make every drop of sweat worth it! Just make sure to be careful with loose surfaces and undercut cliff ledges.

The window can get very busy! Try go in the morning to get away from the crowds and get the best photo.

S&C Travel Tip

Drone footage of the Loop Walk in Kalbarri National Park
The Loop walk is under Nature’s WIndow and it’s stunning. Make sure you plan ahead as weather can be very hot!

The Loop Walk of Nature’s Window (Kalbarri)

This is a 9.2km, class-4 hike that starts and ends in Nature’s Window. For the average hiker, it takes around 3-5 hours to complete.

The walk is absolutely stunning. It takes you down to the Murchison River, where you’ll explore the gorge before returning to Nature’s Window carpark.

Things to know before doing the Loop Trail

The terrain has sandy and rocky sections, so comfortable and covered shoes are a must. There’s limited shade throughout the hike too – wear sunscreen and a hat!

Also, bring at least 2 litres of water per person, up to 4 litres if it’s a hot day. Temperatures get higher in the gorge, even during winter.

Temperatures are no joke – rangers close the access at 7 am on hot days for this reason. That way, most people will finish it by 10 am, before it gets too hot.

So, if you want to do this hike, make sure to schedule it early in the day. For more info, make sure to call or visit the Kalbarri Visitor Centre (check their website here).

The best time to visit Kalbarri is during winter! This will ensure you can enjoy as many attractions as possible without dying from the heat.

S&C Travel Tip

Natures Window From Above, Kalbarri National Park

Top tips

We can’t stress this enough – visit this spot early in the day, or you won’t be able to do the hike! And don’t overestimate the temperatures in winter, Kalbarri is a hot place. Bring sun protection and plenty of drinking water.

There are annoying (and pretty persistent) black flies in the area. A fly net attached to a broad-brimmed hat can be a life-saviour here.

Also, don’t be surprised if there’s a line to take the famous, Insta-worthy picture sitting on Nature’s Window. This is a very popular destination!

With that said, the best thing about Kalbarri is that you can easily turn it into the most epic road trip. If that sounds like you, you’ll love this road trip itinerary from Perth to Kalbarri.

Did you know?

Kalbarri was the name of one of the elders of the Nanda people, who are the recognised original tribal owners of these lands. Kalbarri is also the name of an edible seed (Beaufortia Aestiva), also known as “summer flame”.


How long does it take to hike Nature’s Window?

It takes 3-5 hours to hike Nature’s Window Loop trail. This is a class-4 walk, 9.2km long, that takes you down the Murchison River. The views are stunning but there’s little shade, so bring a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of drinking water.

The walk from the carpark to Nature’s Window is much shorter – 10 minutes long.

Is Nature’s Window walk easy?

The walk from the carpark to Nature’s Window is easy. But the Loop Trail is not, it’s considered a challenging route. This is mostly due to the lack of shade, though, as it’s a relatively flat track with rocky and sandy sections.

Has Nature’s Window in Kalbarri collapsed?

No, Nature’s Window in Kalbarri has not collapsed. You can visit and take photos of this extraordinary attraction. However, do not climb the rocks around it.

The bottom line

Nature’s Window in Kalbarri is one of the many natural attractions in the region. You’ll love visiting and looking out the ‘window’, to see the most stunning view of the gorges below. And of course, getting your photo taken with this mindblowing backdrop!

However, Kalbarri has much more to offer! From incredible lookouts to whale watching, there are dozens of things you can do during your visit to Kalbarri.

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