Injidup Natural Spa: How To Beat The Crowds And Enjoy This Not-So-Hidden Gem Of Yallingup, WA

Injidup Natural Spa is a one of mother nature’s masterpieces! A hidden rock pool tucked away in Australia’s Southwest.

Fed by the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean, the incoming swell creates a waterfall and private plunge pool with a relaxing whirlpool effect.

Once there, you can swim in the rockpool, sit under the rocks and wait for a wave to crash over and shower you! But do not fear, the water is relaxing as it falls, like a free massage from Mother Nature.

Stunning Injidup Natural Spa is a masterpiece of Mother Nature

Injidup Natural Spa is located in the town of Yallingup, in the southwest corner of Western Australia, 3-hours south of Perth.

Injidup Natural Spa used to be a hidden gem. But due to social media, it’s now a popular tourist destination where people come to see it from all over the world.

This can be a bit disappointing, as it gets very crowded on certain days. But we have advice for you on how to see it with less crowds…

The water is so inviting, there are only some tiny fish living in there!

We had this place mostly to ourselves, (plus one nude German tourist who was really nice! But I digress!). We did this by following a few tips which we’ll share below!

You’ll also learn the best spots to stay nearby and other things to do in the area.

How to beat the crowds at Injidup Natural Spa?

You’ll probably have the place for yourself if you visit:

  • On weekdays, from Monday through Friday.
  • Outside peak hours, which tend to be between 9 am and 4 pm.
  • Early morning sunrise and later in the evening for sunset
  • Not during school holidays, public holidays, or weekends.

We had the place to ourselves mid-week arriving pre-sunset and staying until the late evening. It was perfect!

That said, there are multiple rock pools in the area. Go off the beaten track exploring to find them! This can give you more privacy and even have a natural pool for yourself.

For example, don’t miss the Aquarium, also in Yallingup – stunning!

When is the best time to visit the Injidup Spa in Yallingup?

The best time to visit Injidup Natural Spa is from November to April, which gives you ample time to check out this place outside of the holidays.

The weather during these months is warm but very pleasant, and the water in the rock pool will be so refreshing, it will be hard to leave.

Through summer it can be windy, but warm and sunny. Through autumn, the wind reduces, water remains warm but the outside air temperature slowly gets cooler.

Be mindful of the Injidup Spa tides for a safe experience

Injidup Spa is fuelled by crashing waves. This makes for a beautiful and unique experience but can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

For safety reasons, it’s best to avoid it completely during big tides, such as during a storm.

The rainy season in Yallingup is usually between May to August, so we’d recommend planning your visit outside those months.

To be on the safe side, double-check the local weather conditions and consult a Yallingup tide chart before your visit.

During a storm tide, this area could potentially flood, or damaging waves could flow over the rocks. Best to visit during optimal weather conditions.

How to get to Injidup Natural Spa?

The Injidup Spa is in the town of Yallingup (Western Australia), a 3-hour drive south of Perth, or a 35-minute drive north of Margaret River.

It’s part of the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, but the entry is free. No pets allowed, though.

To get there from Yallingup, follow Caves Road south until you see the sign “Wyadup Road”. It turns right to Injidup Natural Spa.

After driving a slightly bumpy gravel road, you’ll arrive at the car park. From there, it’s just a short walk to the spa area. You don’t need a 4WD to get to Injidup Natural Spa.

Follow the signage from the car park and you’ll find the short pathway leading down to the beach. There are some rocky sections on the path, so watch your step!

Unfortunately, you can’t get here by public transport. You’ll have to either rent a car or arrange a taxi from Dunsborough or Yallingup.

Why not drive through Boranup Forest Drive on the way?

What to bring to Injidup Natural Spa?

Apart from the basics (swimwear, a towel, hat, sunglasses…) make sure to bring:

  • Sturdy footwear for the short walk from the carpark
  • Reef shoes
  • Towel
  • Reef-safe sunscreen
  • Water bottle, preferably reusable
  • A rubbish bag (don’t leave any trace of your visit!)
  • Snacks
  • A change of clothes
  • A bag for your wet bathers!

There are no public toilets, amenities, shops, or anything like that near the spa, so come prepared.

Don’t take anything away either! When visiting pristine sites like this rock pool, it’s our responsibility to keep them beautiful and wild.

S&C Travel Tip

Where to stay near Injidup Natural Spa?

The nearest accommodation is “Injidup Spa Retreat”, an adult-only luxury hotel on Cape Clairault Road. Unfortunately, it’s the only stay that’s at walking distance from the natural spa.

However, there are plenty of other options in Yallingup! These are a 10-minute drive away from the natural spa! Just make sure to book in advance, more so if you will visit during summer.

We recommend hiring a car while staying in this region. Don’t miss the other beautiful attractions in Injidup! See below for some the lookout at Injidup beach.

Tasman Holiday Park

This is our favourite caravan park nearby. It has top-notch attractions at walking distance, like the beautiful Yallingup beach and the Ngilgi Cave!

It has something for every budget, from dog-friendly camping and caravan sites to luxury cabins with sea views.

This is also the nearest camping area to Injidup Natural Spa.

Smiths Beach Resort

This resort is near Smiths Beach, south of Yallingup Beach. You can choose between renting one of their beach shacks or apartments. There are options for up to 8 people.

It’s within walking distance from Smiths Point and the Smith’s Twins hiking area, too!

Luxury accommodations

The most popular luxury accommodations in Yallingup are Seashells Yallingup and Caves House Hotel.

Both overlook the gorgeous Cave House gardens, are within walking distance from Yallingup Beach, and offer a variety of rooms.

Other things to do in Yallingup, Western Australia

Apart from the insta-famous Injidup Natural Spa, there are plenty of things to do in Yallingup, including:

  • Surfing – the waves here are top-notch
  • Check the beaches – Injidup Beach, Yallingup Beach, Smiths Beach…
  • Explore the local caves (Jewel, Mammoth, Ngilgli, Lake and so on)
  • Go snorkelling at The Aquarium
  • Hit up one of the many hiking trails

Want more activities? Check out our guide to all the things to do in Yallingup, Western Australia!

Top tips

Plan for at least a half-day visit to fully immerse yourself in the natural spa experience and explore the surroundings!

You can hit up Injidup Natural Spa and Injidup Beach in one morning, for example. This gives you ample time to enjoy both.

Also, please be careful with the tides and do not jump off the rocks into the ocean. There can be sudden wave swells and rocks can be slippery.

Get some photos while here! Such a great photography spot.

Did you know?

The area of Yallingup and Injidup Natural Spa holds deep cultural significance to the local Wadandi Aboriginal people.

They’re known as the “saltwater people”. For them, the land and the sea are intertwined and hold immense cultural value.

“Yallingup” means “place of love” or “place of caves”, depending on who you ask.

Whatever the translation is, one fact remains true – it was a place where their ancestors had gathered for thousands of years.

A reminder to always show respect and appreciate the Aboriginal history when visiting.


Can you camp at Injidup Natural Spa?

You can’t camp at Injidup Natural Spa, either. The nearest camping grounds are in Tasman Holiday Park (mentioned below).

Can I bring my pet to Injidup Natural Spa?

No, you can’t bring dogs or other pets to Injidup Natural Spa, as it’s part of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Is Injidup Natural Spa kid-friendly?

Yes, Injidup Natural Spa is kid-friendly. Exploring this place is a great family activity!

The bottom line

Injidup Natural Spa is an unusual natural rock formation that has become extremely popular. This is due to its unique blend of beauty, adventure, and fascinating Aboriginal heritage.

Even though it’s not a hidden gem anymore, it’s 100% possible to avoid crowds, but you need careful planning.

Visiting mid-week outside of the holiday season gives you a pretty good chance. But if you can’t plan your trip during this time, try going off the beaten path, you may find a nice rock pool for yourself!

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