Chris and Beck of Salt and Charcoal stands on a sandy beach in Western Australia with Beck extending her arm showing the Salt and Charcoal camper van behind them.

Salt and Charcoal Acquires Iconic Australian Travel Website Redz Australia

Salt and Charcoal is thrilled to announce the acquisition of the popular Australian travel website Redz Australia (, formerly known as Red Nomad OZ. 

For nearly six years, Redz Australia, created by the adventurous travel author, Marion Halliday, has captured the hearts of travel enthusiasts through its outback focussed blog posts, rich storytelling and stunning photography. 

Marion, also known as Red Nomad OZ, has taken readers on a journey through every state and territory in Australia. Redz Australia offers helpful advice about the country’s most unique, remote and captivating experiences. Marion’s humorous and relatable style, combined with her extensive knowledge of Australia’s hidden gems, has made Redz Australia a go-to resource for locals and tourists alike.

Salt and Charcoal, a platform dedicated to sharing inspiring adventure stories and helpful travel tips, sees this acquisition to be in perfect alignment with its current content. The integration of Redz Australia into the Salt and Charcoal family will improve our readers’ experience and support our mission to share the vast beauty of Australia.

Salt and Charcoal will integrate the Redz Australia content into its existing platforms, ensuring all articles are updated. The spirit and individuality of Marion’s original writing will be preserved in the text and authorship. Fans can expect the continuation of popular articles from Redz Australia along with new, exciting collaborative projects together with Salt and Charcoal. 

About Salt and Charcoal:

Salt and Charcoal is run by Australian travel content creators Chris Dinham and Rebecca Davies. It is an Australian-owned and operated platform dedicated to exploring and celebrating the vast cultural and natural landscape of Australia and beyond. From bucket list items to remote outback adventures, Salt and Charcoal provides comprehensive travel advice, local insights, and a gateway to experiencing Australia’s unique beauty.

About Redz Australia:

Established by Marion Halliday, Redz Australia has chronicled the travel exploits of Marion under her alias, Red Nomad OZ. Known for its engaging storytelling and beautiful photography, Redz Australia has been a go-to source for discovering everything quirky and awe-inspiring about Australia.

For further details, interviews, or media inquiries, please contact Chris Dinham at [email protected]

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