Aerial shot of a beach in Albany, Western Australia, with a person standing by large, reddish-brown rocks on white sand, bordered by turquoise waters.

19 Essential Things To Do in Albany (WA) Inside Tips From a Local

Albany is where you go to find experiences you won’t get anywhere else in Western Australia.

Nestled on the southwest coast, Albany has a blend of rich historical significance, wild and untamed beauty, plus a vibrant food and wine scene that’s hard to match.

Plus, it’s a 4.5-hour drive from Perth, making it the perfect destination if you’re itching for a road trip that has a little bit of everything.

The most popular attractions here are The Gap and Natural Bridge, in Torndirrup National Park. These are natural geological formations shaped by the Southern Ocean for thousands of years.

And then there’s the spectacle of the blowholes, or the thrill of whale watching (from July to October).

The best time to visit is Spring (September to November) hands down. We’ll tell you why and discuss the perks of visiting in other seasons later on.

Now, with over 20 things to do in Albany, you might wonder where to start! But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will walk you through everything needed to plan your trip to Albany – things to do, where to eat, where to stay, the best ways to get there, and more!

20 Best things to do in Albany, Western Australia

These are the top 20 things to do in the Albany region:

1) Explore Torndirrup National Park

Torndirrup National Park is an absolute gem, home to many of the attractions that make Albany famous – like the blowholes, Natural Bridge, or The Gap.

It gives you a dose of nature’s finest without straying too far from civilization, as it’s just a 20-minute drive from town.

Besides the natural attractions, Torndirrup National Park is famous for its dramatic coastal cliffs, panoramic views, excellent hiking trails, and more!

2) The Gap and Natural Bridge

These are two mindblowing rock formations sculpted by the ocean’s waves over millions of years. They are pretty much one next to the other, in Torndirrup National Park, right here.

The Gap is a sheer cliff face of 40 metres, with the sea roaring below. There’s a viewing platform that allows you to peer over the edge safely, it’s absolutely thrilling.

And the Natural Bridge is a granite formation that resembles, well, a bridge. It’s crazy to think nature sculpted it with wind and water over millennia.

🤩 Best tour to do on the first day of your trip! It takes you to The Gap and Natural Bridge, as well as other beautiful attractions in the area (like Stony Hill): The Gap and Natural Wonders.

3) Hike the Bald Head Walk Trail

Note: At the moment of writing, this walk is closed due to maintenance. Go to Trails Wa to see if it’s open again!

A person stands on a rock ledge overlooking the sea at sunset in Albany, Western Australia, with the sun casting a golden path across the water.
Sunsets on the bald head track.

The Bald Head Walk Trail is a bit of an adventure for those who fancy a decent hike while in Albany. This is the starting point.

It’s a 12.5-kilometre loop walk that’s better suited for experienced hikers. It has everything, including climbs and descents, with the backdrop of a spectacular coast.

The hiking trail takes 5-7 hours to complete, depending on your pace and how many stops you make (you’ll want to stop a few times to soak in the views, they’re jaw-dropping).

4) Walk a section of the Bibbulmun Track

The Bibbulmun Track is one of Australia’s premier long-distance hiking trails. It stretches over 1000 kilometres from the Perth Hills to Albany on the south coast.

The section that crosses Albany brings the trail to its grand finale. It covers around 85 kilometres and goes from Denmark to Albany.

This final leg typically takes about 5 to 7 days to complete, depending on your pace, and it’s marked as moderate to hard. The very end of the trail is right here, a beautiful area right in the middle of town!

5) Witness the blowholes

The blowholes are a natural phenomenon, where the ocean water “blows” up through the narrow spaces between rocks. It’s here.

If there’s a big swell, you can hear the blowholes from a distance! The display is spectacular too, as the water can spray well over sea level.

It’s impressive but you must be careful – the best displays happen when the ocean is rough, so respect the signage.

6) Whale Watching

If you visit anywhere between June and early October, you have to go whale-watching!

A humpback whale breaching the surface of the ocean, with its tail fin prominently displayed against a calm sea.

During these months, the waters become a playground for humpback and southern right whales, with the occasional sighting of blue whales and orcas.

These majestic creatures migrate to the warmer waters off Albany’s coast to breed and calve. It’s 100% worth it to book a tour to see them, as you’ll be with local experts who know the best spots and times for sightings.

But you can also head to lookouts like the Albany Wind Farm for a chance to spot these gentle giants from the shore.

🤩 Visiting between January and April? Don’t miss this tour! It takes you from Albany to Bremer Bay to see killer whales up close: Full-Day Killer Whale Expedition from Albany

7) Visit the National ANZAC Centre

The National ANZAC Centre is a tribute to the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) troops who served in World War I. It’s here, a short drive from the town centre.

Located within Albany Heritage Park, the centre offers interactive displays and historical artifacts, so visitors can follow the journeys of actual ANZAC soldiers.

You can explore the grounds, check out the nearby Princess Royal Fortress, or soak in the breathtaking views of King George Sound – the last sight of home for many troops departing for war – and visit various memorials.

The centre also organizes guided tours, as well as special historic exhibitions.

🤩 Buy your entry ticket to the ANZAC centre ahead of time. Just choose the day and visit any time during opening hours: National Anzac Centre General Entry Ticket

8) See wildflowers in Stony Hill

Stony Hill is a lookout with a nice hiking trail, tucked away in Torndirrup National Park, right here.

It has panoramic views of the rugged coastline and the Southern Ocean, and it bursts into colour during the wildflower season!

This happens between August and December and it’s something everyone must see at least once! The contrast between the blue ocean and the flowers is awe-inspiring.

9) Surf at Misery Beach

Ironically, this beach is anything BUT miserable.

This secluded beach is located here, a 20-minute drive from town. Its turquoise waters and white sand are surrounded by granite outcrops, it’s a literal slice of paradise.

An aerial view of the serene beauty of Misery Beach in Albany, Western Australia, with its turquoise waters gently lapping against a white sandy shore, bordered by large smooth granite rocks and dense green vegetation, with a couple of vehicles parked amidst the trees, highlighting the secluded nature of this coastal paradise.

Apart from snorkelling and fishing, Misery Beach is great for surfing! In fact, it was crowned as Australia’s Best Beach in 2022 by Tourism Australia.

The best time to catch a wave here is usually during the winter months when the swell is at its peak, but you can still find decent surf year-round.

The surf here isn’t exactly beginner-friendly, though. But if you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll be rewarded with some epic waves!

10) Snorkel at King George Sound

King George Sound is a massive body of water that serves as a gateway to the Southern Ocean. It has pristine waters, a rugged coastline, and lots of marine life!

You can hike in one of the many trails that surround it, swim at Princess Royal Harbour, or at one of its beaches (like Misery Beach or Goode Beach) and, of course, snorkel!

Head to spots like Frenchman Bay or the waters around Mistaken Island, where the calm conditions and abundant marine life are perfect for snorkelling.

11) Swim at Emu Point Beach

Emu Beach is the place to be if you’re after a chill day by the sea. This cozy beach has crystal-clear waters and soft, white sand. It’s located right here, a short drive from the town centre.

The calm waters are perfect for families and for a relaxing paddle-board session! Plus, the beach has BBQ facilities and picnic areas, so you can easily spend the whole day here.

12) Enjoy the waters of Goode Beach

Goode Beach is a chill spot a bit off the beaten path, along the shores of King George Sound. It’s a 20-minute drive from town, right here.

This serene beach is the go-to place for those looking to escape the more crowded spots and enjoy some peace and quiet. The water here is calm and ideal for swimming, kayaking, and SUP!

Try coming here to see the sunrise, it’s absolutely beautiful!

S&C Travel Tip

13) Relax at Little Beach

Little Beach is a bit of a hidden gem near Albany, at a 40-minute drive from town (right here). It’s a bit away, but absolutely worth it.

An aerial view of Little Beach in Albany, Western Australia, with the clear turquoise water of the ocean meeting the white sandy beach, and unique rock formations creating a natural cove.

Nestled within Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, this unspoiled slice of paradise has crystal-clear turquoise waters and white sand, perfect to laze the day away. The snorkelling here is excellent, too!

14) Go fishing at Salmon Holes

Salmon Holes is another great spot tucked within Torndirrup National Park, right here. It offers stunning views over a secluded beach and some of the finest fishing around.

In fact, this spot is a bit of an institution when it comes to fishing, especially during salmon season – between March and April. You can also fish skippy, herring, and tailor.

However, the rocks can be very slippery and the waves unpredictable. Be careful and respect the signage!

15) Check out Albany Wind Farm

This is a wind farm just outside of Albany, at a 15-minute drive (right here).

It’s an epic setting with these massive turbines and the wild Southern Ocean as its backdrop. There’s also a walking track that takes you right up close to these structures.

16) Learn about Albany’s Aboriginal Heritage

Albany sits on the land of the Menang Noongar people, the Traditional Owners. They have called this part of Western Australia home for tens of thousands of years!

They have a deep connection to this land, with traditions, stories, sacred sites, and more. This makes Albany’s landscape rich with a cultural heritage that showcases the resilience of its original custodians.

The efforts to preserve and celebrate this heritage are only growing! Engage with this beautiful ancient culture through guided tours and cultural experiences, with tour operators like Kurrah Mia.

17) Go back in history at the Museum of the Great Southern

History buffs will LOVE this museum. It goes through all the region’s history, from its deep Aboriginal heritage to its pivotal role in early European settlement and the ANZAC legend. It’s here, in the town centre.

We recommend allowing 1-1.5 hours here. You can wander through the convict-built buildings, explore the displays of local flora and fauna, and get a deeper understanding of the First Australians’ way of life.

For the history buffs, there’s detailed coverage of Albany’s significance as the last port of call for ANZAC troops heading to European battlefields.

Plus, the entry is free (donations are encouraged).

18) Check out Albany’s historic whaling station

The old whaling station in Albany is a fascinating (and sobering), slice of history that gives you a peek into the days when whaling was a major industry in the area.

It’s located here, a 20-minute drive from town. It was the last operating whaling station in Australia, closing down in 1978.

Today, it’s a museum where visitors can learn about the whaling industry, the lives of the workers, and the massive impact whaling had on marine populations.

There’s a restored whale-chasing ship and life-sized whale skeletons – it’s truly impressive.

🤩 Purchase your ticket to the whaling station ahead of time here! A 40-minute tour included: Historic Whaling Station Admission Ticket

19) Glass-bottomed cruise along the Kalgan River

The Kalgan River is a calm river near Albany with lush surroundings. Exploring it is a must and the easiest way to do so is with a glass-bottomed cruise.

These cruises are family-friendly and give you a front-row seat into the river’s underwater life, as well as its surroundings.

Plus, the guides on these tours are full of stories and insights about the local ecosystem and history.

🤩 This is the best glass-bottomed tour in the area! It’s 4-hour long and lots of wildlife to spot (eagles, pelicans, kangaroos, and more): Kalgan Queen Scenic Cruise

20) Discover Porongurup National Park

Porongurup National Park is an ancient mountain range that’s a stone’s throw from Albany (a 40-minute drive).

It’s over 1.2 billion years old and home to some of the most breathtaking views in the region – forests of karri trees, stunning waterfalls, and granite outcrops.

A must-do here is the climb to the Granite Skywalk, a suspended walkway wrapped around the massive granite boulder of Castle Rock. It gives you a 360-degree view of the surrounding countryside, it’s jaw-dropping!

🤩 Go to Porongurup National Park, hike the Granite Skywalk, and finish with a nice lunch and wine-tasting experience with this tour: Granite Skywalk Porongurups

Awesome spots at driving distance from Albany (WA)

Albany has some gems of the southwest at a driving distance! So, consider doing a day-trip to any of these, you won’t regret it:


At a quick 40-minute drive west, Denmark is famous for its beaches, hikes, and wineries.

Hit up Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks, or explore a bit of the Bibbulmun Track for some epic views.

And, don’t miss out on the local wineries and breweries! Just make sure to have a designated driver to get back to Albany *wink*


This town sits further west, at around 2.5 hour’s drive from Albany.

It’s famous for its towering karri forests – here are the famous Gloucester Tree and the Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree!

Don’t miss taking a dip in the natural pools or kayaking along the Warren River. For a taste of local life, go to a boutique winery or truffle farm to indulge in some of Pemberton’s gourmet offerings.

Bremer Bay

If you want to continue east, towards Esperance, stopping in Bremer Bay is a must. It’s a 2-hour drive from Albany, famous for being a hotspot for orcas between January and April.

A cheerful couple embraces in front of Salt and Charcoal camper van parked on the sandy shore, with clear blue waters and a sunny sky in the background, evoking a sense of joy and adventure in Bremer Bay beach Western Australia

Here’s the Fitzgerald River National Park as well – the largest national park in the southwest. Some beaches here are excellent for snorkelling and surfing, the most popular is Blossoms Beach.

When is the best time to visit Albany?

The best time to visit Albany is in the spring (September to November). The weather is excellent, ideal for being outdoors without the heat becoming too much of an issue.

This is also when the region’s wildflowers are in full bloom! The natural beauty of the area is at its peak, with national parks and reserves offering spectacular displays of flora.

Plus, it coincides with the whale-watching season, which runs between June and early October.

How to get to Albany, WA?

You can get to Albany by car, by plane, by bus, or with a tour:

Getting there by plane

This is the quickest way to get to Albany! If you take the plane from Perth, you’ll be there in 1 hour. Rex Airlines provides flights back and forth most days of the week.

Now, we recommend using to book your flights. We’ve tested them and they truly find the cheapest deals available (even cheaper than booking from the airline sometimes).

That said, you do need a car to get around Albany.

The issue is that Albany’s airport is a bit small, so there isn’t a wide variety of providers. This makes it a bit hard not only to rent your car ahead of time but to find good deals.

That’s why we recommend using Rental Cars to rent a car for your visit to Albany. They compare all the providers available and find you the cheapest deals even there! Plus it’s really convenient as you can pick up and drop off either at the airport or somewhere else.

Getting there by car

If you’re visiting from Perth, the drive is around 4.5-5 hours (roughly 415 kilometres). The route is pretty straightforward, mostly via the State Route 30.

We recommend stopping in Williams to stretch your legs, and/or Kojonup if you want to learn a bit about local Aboriginal culture at The Kodja Place.

You can return back to Perth the same way, or along the southwest (here’s the route)! It would be the road trip of a lifetime, so definitely do this if you have a few days to spare.

Regardless of what you choose, it’s worth considering renting a motorhome for this trip, as this gives you as much freedom as you can get to explore the area at your own pace.

Plus there are lots of epic campgrounds in the area, like the Big4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park.

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Travelling by van always works for us!

As for where to rent the caravan, we recommend StarRV. Their premium caravans come with excellent prices, their customer service is unparalleled, and have options for 2, 4, and 6 people!

Getting there by coach

This is the cheapest way to get to Albany, as a round ticket costs between $150-200.

TransWa has 3 different routes that take you from Perth to Albany, all of them dropping you at Albany Railway Station:

  • GS1 East Perth to Albany via Williams and Kojonup, takes around 6 hours.

  • GS2 East Perth to Albany/Gnowangerup/Katanning via Northam and Narrogin, takes 7-8 hours.

  • GS3 Perth to Albany via Bunbury and Walpole, takes around 8 hours.

Book your tickets, check the info on the timetables, and more on TransWa’s website.

That said, you still need to rent a car in Albany if you want to visit different attractions, so factor that in. As mentioned above, we recommend using Rental Cars for this as they find the cheapest deals.

Visit Albany with a tour

If you don’t want to drive, or even plan the trip, book a tour! You’ll be able to enjoy all the highlights of Albany without hassle.

The best tour for that is this 3-day tour!

It’s a small-group experience that takes you from Perth to Albany via Pemberton (famous for its towering karri forest) and back to Perth via Hyden (home of the massive Wave Rock).

The places you’ll visit include:

  • Torndirrup National Park with The Gap and Natural Bridge

  • Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk

  • Stirling Range National Park and the wildflowers (when in season)

  • Wave Rock

It’s the best way to explore the highlights of the region without hassle.

How many days to spend in Albany?

Spending around 3 to 4 days in Albany is a good sweet spot. It allows you to do a little bit of everything:

  • Check out the Torndirrup National Park, including The Gap and Natural Bridge,

  • Hit a few beaches,

  • Visit the National ANZAC Centre,

  • Have time to wander around the town centre.

But we recommend stretching your stay to a week if possible. This will let you enjoy everything at a more leisurely pace!

🤩 See everything in the Albany Heritage Park (Mt. Clarence, Mt. Adelaide, Ellen Cove Boardwalk, and more) while saving energy in this segway tour: Guided Segway Tour Summit to Sea

Best stays in Albany

There’s a wide variety of accommodation options in Albany! These are some of the best ones:

  • Best hotel: Pelicans Albany. It’s not pretty close to the town centre (in Middleton beach) and has an excellent balance between price and comfort! Plus, it has options for 2 to 7 people.

  • Best budget-friendly stay: 1849 Backpackers Hotel. Right in the heart of town, this hostel is ideal for those who want to explore Albany and don’t mind shared dormitories. Mixed dorms and women-only options available.

  • Best for families and groups: Albany Harbourside Apartments and Houses. Another option near the town centre, it has apartments and bungalows (some with harbour views!). Options for 3-8 people.

  • Best caravan park: BIG4 Middleton Beach Holiday Park. This holiday park has options for everyone – houses, chalets, spa villas, campsites, and powered sites. With options for up to 8 people.

  • Best luxury option: The Beach House at Bayside. This cosy guest house is near Emu Point and has rooms for 2 or 3 people. Free breakfast included!

Where to eat in Albany, WA?

Two dishes on a wooden table: one with nachos, black beans, avocado, and greens, the other with a crisp tortilla and salad, both drizzled with sauce.

There are dozens of great places to eat in Albany, these are the ones with the best balance between price and quality:

  • Dylan’s on the Terrace ($) is a cosy spot, great for breakfast or lunch. The coffee is excellent and has hearty portions.

  • Due South ($$) has a menu with locally sourced ingredients, mostly around seafood and modern Australian cuisine. They run weekly specials and the views are great (it’s on the waterfront).

  • The Venice Restaurant ($$) is where you go if you’re craving Italian. Great pizza and pasta, plus the servings are large.

  • Three Anchors ($$) is a family-friendly venue with a laid-back vibe, serving up modern Australian cuisine. It’s near Middleton Beach, making it the perfect stop for a meal after a day of surfing.

  • Emu Point Cafe ($$) is, well, in Emu Point. It’s absolutely perfect for breakfast or lunch with a view. The vibe is casual and has gluten-free options.

🤩 Wine lovers can’t miss this tour. Go winery-hopping to the best vineyards in the Mt. Barker region: Mt Barker Grape Escape

Top tips

The Southern Ocean is breathtaking but can be dangerous due to its currents. Please be careful around the water, especially in places like The Gap and Natural Bridge.

Rips and strong currents can occur at any beach, so swim at patrolled beaches where possible.

Also, keep in mind that some country roads can be narrow and wildlife can pop out at any time, particularly at dawn and dusk. So please drive carefully and keep an eye out for animals.

🤩 Want to see the local wildlife up close? This half-day tour is for you. Meet the pelicans at Green Island and cruise along the Kalgan River to spot some kangaroos: Albany Wildlife and Scenic Cruise

Did you know?

Mokare was a Menang Noongar man who played a crucial role in Albany’s early European settlement.

He was a mediator and guide between Indigenous people and European settlers during the 1820s. His diplomacy was key to keeping the peaceful interactions between the two groups.


How can I spend a day in Albany?

Kick off your day in Albany with a visit to the National ANZAC Centre and stroll around the heritage-listed Princess Royal Fortress.

Then, head to Torndirrup National Park to check out The Gap and Natural Bridge. Finish your adventure with a relaxing evening at one of Albany’s cozy waterfront restaurants or cafes.

Is it worth visiting Albany (Western Australia)?

Absolutely! Albany has pretty much everything – dramatic coastal cliffs, calm beaches, and lush forests. Its rich history adds a deep cultural and historical layer to your visit, and the food is just excellent.

What is the best month to visit Albany?

The best month to visit Albany is probably September. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, wildflowers are in bloom, and you can see whales migrating!

The bottom line

Albany is a place where nature’s power and beauty are on full display. You’ll see this in the untamed beauty of The Gap and Natural Bridge, or while witnessing the sheer force of the blowholes.

You’ll make unforgettable memories regardless of what you do – surfing the pristine waves of Misery Beach, snorkelling in the clear waters of King George Sound, or hiking Stony Hill to enjoy the wildflowers.

This town also brings Australian history to life, thanks to its ancient Aboriginal heritage and its role in early European settlement.

So, if you’re drawn to places where history, natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and the serene embrace of nature come together, Albany should be at the top of your list!

A panoramic view of The Gap in Albany, Western Australia, with a cantilevered viewing platform extending over the edge, showcasing the contrast between the ancient rock formations and the expansive blue ocean

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