A snorkeler in a red swimsuit gives a thumbs-up while exploring the underwaters of Rottnest Island. The clear blue water reveals a thriving coral reef below. It hints snorkelling as one of the activities included in the best Rottnest Island tours

The Best Rottnest Island Tours: Skydiving, Snorkelling, Biking, and More!

We’ve visited Rottnest Island a few times already and have booked tours there, including the popular skydiving (which we recommend everyone should do at least once, more on that below!).

So, believe us when we say: You don’t need a tour to enjoy Rotto, but it will make your visit even more unforgettable!

Two snorkelers snorkelling on a colourful coral reef with large Pocillopora corals all around. The clear water lets them see the diverse marine life and detailed coral patterns. Snorkelling is included in the best Rottnest Island tours.
You should never miss a snorkelling tour!

The most popular tours in Rottnest Island are skydiving, snorkelling, and biking tours.

The tours will essentially show you the island from all its best angles, and you honestly can’t go wrong with any of them.

So it comes down to choosing which activity you’d like to do with the time (and budget) you have available.

But if you’re smart… You can use tours to help you save money! We included one tour specifically for that.

We’ll share the best Rottnest Island tours with our own experiences, as well as insider tips so you can pick the best tour for YOU:

In a hurry? Here are the BEST tours in Rottnest Island: 

5 Epic Rottnest Island Tours

Note: Most of the links included are GUARANTEED to have the lowest price available, 24-hour free cancellation, and “Reserve Now, Pay Later” features. Take advantage of that!

1) Tandem Skydive on Rottnest Island

3 hours | 100% recommended | Check it here

Best for: Your first (or eleventh) skydiving experience! Everyone should do it at least once, it’s absolutely amazing.

We did this exact tour back in 2022 and it was INCREDIBLE!

It’s insane the amount of emotions you go through, including how frightening it is to see the door of the plane opening mid-flight. But after you jump… it’s the BEST feeling in the world.

Everyone should do it at least once. If you’re visiting Rotto, this experience is worth every penny.

The operator is Skydive Geronimo and we can’t recommend these guys enough. They’re really friendly and professional, we felt 100% safe during the entire experience.

They offer jumps from different heights – 10.000, 14.000, or 15.000 feet. The main difference is the free fall time. We booked the 14.000-feet jump (1 minute of free fall, 5 of parachuting) and it was perfect!


  • 1 minute of free fall and 5 of parachuting over Rottnest Island

  • Choose from 3 different heights (we recommend 14.000 feet)

  • Land on the beach

  • Video/Photos for an extra fee

  • Small group (10 participants tops)

  • 24-hour free cancellation and “Reserve now and pay later” if you book via this link


  • The meeting point is in Rottnest Island airport. This means you have to get to the island beforehand by ferry.

  • Highly depends on the weather so there’s a risk of last-minute cancellation if the conditions change suddenly.

The people with us kept us calm and when I began having doubts due to fear after seeing my daughter exit the plane I was at the door and out the plane luckily as it was an amazing experience which was over too quickly A big Thank you to everyone involved 🥰

– Susan F

2) Bike & Ferry Package from Fremantle

Full day | From Fremantle |  Check it here

Best for: Those who will spend a full day on the island and want to get around by bike.

Aerial view of a coastal road on Rottnest Island with four cyclists riding along it. The road winds between sandy dunes and the blue ocean, with lush vegetation on either side.
Go solo or with a group, both is worth it!

Sealink is one of the 3 ferry companies that service Rottnest Island and they have this EPIC full-day transport package.

They depart from Fremantle and include a bike hire. Booking this package is actually cheaper than purchasing the ferry tickets and hiring the bike separately.

You can also get free cancellation up to 24 hours before AND you can reserve now and pay later if you book via this link. You won’t have these perks if you book directly with Sealink.

Biking is the best way to move around the island at your own pace. Rotto is much bigger than it looks!

S&C Travel Tip


  • Perfect for full-day trips

  • The bikes are in great condition

  • Freedom to pick a departure time

  • Cheaper than booking tickets and bikes separately

  • Includes Rottnest Island admission fee ($20 per adult)

  • 24-hour free cancellation and “Reserve now and pay later” if you book via this link


  • Not worth it if you can bring your own bike, it’s cheaper to pay the extra fee

  • Only available from Fremantle, not Perth or Hillarys Harbour.

Fabulous day out exploring an iconic location in WA. Bikes were in good condition and the island itself is stunning. Great value for money

– Jacqui W

3) Guided Snorkel Boat Experience

Half-Day Tour | Beginner snorkellers | Check it here

Best for: First-time visitors to Rottnest Island wanting to snorkel the best spots with a guide

A snorkeler in a red swimsuit swims in the bright, clear water of a coral reef. It shows a scene of the best Rottnest Island tours you can experience.
Snorkelling at Rottnest Island is a ripper!

This tour is ideal for beginner snorkellers who’ve never visited Rottnest Island (or haven’t snorkelled in its waters before). The guides take you to the main spots by boat and they’re very knowledgeable so you’ll learn plenty in the meantime.

It can be a bit underwhelming for experienced snorkellers, though – if you do a bit of research before your visit, you might be able to get to some of these spots on your own with a kayak or a SUP.


  • Perfect for beginner snorkellers

  • Snorkelling equipment included

  • Option to make it a full-day tour with transport from Fremantle and back for an extra fee

  • 24-hour free cancellation and “Reserve now and pay later” if you book via this link


  • Might be underwhelming for experienced snorkellers

  • 25 travellers tops, which can be too big of a group for some

My mum and I traveled from Melbourne and attended this day trip and had the most memorable experience!!!! Sophie and Chloe are super chatty and have great insight on the marine life. Felt very safe and comfortable on the boat. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute, will definitely recommend this and will be returning 🙂

– Alice L

4) ECO E-Bike Tour

4 hours | Bike the entire coast |  Check it here

Best for: Those who want to explore the entire coast of the island by bike with a fraction of the effort.

Two bicycles are parked on a wooden deck overlooking the turquoise waters of Rottnest Island. A woman sits on the railing, enjoying the view and showcasing what to do on Rottnest Island.
E-Bikes made our Rottnest Island visit a breeze.

Getting around the island with an electric bike is a game-changer. They made our trip 10x more fun and we didn’t end nearly as sore as we thought we would!

That’s why this tour is perfect if you want to explore the highlights of the island in under 4 hours.

Your guide will take you along the northern coast of the island, checking out places like The Basin, all the way to the West End (where Cathedral Rocks is). After a lunch break there, you’ll make your way back to the settlement along the southern coast.


  • Explore the island coast-to-coast in under 4 hours

  • Check out the main highlights with a tour guide

  • Save energy thanks to the electric bikes

  • Small group (up to 8 participants)

  • 24-hour free cancellation and “Reserve now and pay later” if you book via this link


  • Not for solo travellers – operator requires a minimum of 2 people per booking

We had a great day with Paul, very informative guided ride with some fascinating stops and snippets of the Islands history. The bikes were easy to use and comfortable, pedal assisted, mostly flat sections with the inclines easily managed on the highest setting.

– Peter M

5) Segway Tour: Fortress Adventure

1.5 Hours | Small group |  Check it here

Best for: Exploring historic sites of the island and beaches near the settlement. Perfect to do if you have a few hours to kill while waiting for the ferry back.

A smiling couple takes a selfie while standing in the shallow, clear waters of Little Parakeet Bay, Rottnest Island. Behind them are ferries to take for the best Rottnest Island tours
We never to fail to enjoy the beach!

This is a fun tour to do if you want to learn more about the island, particularly its military history. The guides take to a few key spots on the southeast coast, like Kingstown Barracks and Bickley Battery, all the way to Henrietta Rocks.

You won’t stray far from the settlement in Thomson Bay, the tour is only 1.5 hours long after all! So don’t expect a full-blown historic tour – popular historical sites like Oliver Hill or the Wadjemup Lighthouse aren’t included.


  • Explore the southeast coast of the island and its historic sites.

  • Ear-piece to listen to your guide comfortably.

  • Small group tour (10 participants tops).

  • 1.5-hour tour, perfect to kill time before leaving.

  • Driving a segway is easier than it looks! They give you a quick lesson and you’ll be riding it in no time.

  • 24-hour free cancellation and “Reserve now and pay later” if you book via this link


  • Tour doesn’t go to popular historic sites like Oliver Hill Battery or the lighthouses.

  • You have to learn how to ride a segway (it’s easy, though).

Loved this experience (…) We stopped at picturesque bays and beaches, as well as places of interest. The only disappointment was that the tour ended! Fantastic experience and a great way to get to know this beautiful island. Highly recommended.

– Claire P

Things to know BEFORE booking your ferry ticket to Rottnest Island

The vast majority of people get to the island via ferry. They can depart from Fremantle, Perth, or Hillarys Harbour.

Fremantle is usually the cheapest (and fastest) option to get to the island.

A group of four friends pose for a photo at Cape Vlamingh, Rottnest Island, with a stunning view of the rocky coastline and deep blue ocean behind them.
We packed light for our Rotto trip to enjoy it more.

You can book your ferry transport with any of these operators:

  • Sealink, departing from Fremantle and Perth. They have the full-day ferry package with bike hire from Fremantle (here)

  • Rottnest Express, from Freo and Perth as well. It can be a bit pricier than Sealink, but it’s the only operator that offers return times after 4:30 pm. If you won’t hire a bike, compare this provider with Sealink to see which one offers the best prices for your specific itinerary.

  • Rottnest Fast Ferries, the only one departing from Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Ferry fares aren’t fixed, though. The ferry ticket to the island is usually pricier than the return. Earlier departure times (7:00 am) tend to be the cheapest, with peak prices being around 8-11 am.

Renting a bike on the island costs around $35. It’s cheaper to bring your own, as you’ll have to pay an extra fee on your ferry ticket of around $20-25 depending on the operator.

There are also added fees (anywhere between $5-$25) for bringing certain items like luggage, beach trolleys, surfboards, kayaks, etc. Keep that in mind when planning your visit!

If you don’t want to hire a bike, there are buses on the island that take you pretty much everywhere.

Top Tips

The best time to do a tour of Rottnest Island is between spring and summer (from September to February), as the weather is excellent for skydiving and for snorkelling along the stunning coral reefs.

There are plenty of things to do on the island, so we recommend staying 2-3 days if possible to enjoy it as much as possible!


Do you need to book the Rottnest Island ferry in advance?

Yes, book your ferry to Rottnest Island in advance whenever possible to secure your spot – especially during peak seasons and weekends.

Why is Rottnest Island so expensive?

Rottnest Island is so expensive because of how remote it is, which makes it hard to bring food and other goods to the island. Also, there’s limited accommodation and high demand due to the constant influx of tourists, which increases the prices of accommodation, meals, bus tours, etc.

The bottom line

Rottnest Island has several epic tours, but our favourite hands down is the skydiving tour.

Interestingly, booking certain tours can actually save you money, like the ferry and bike package mentioned above. This is really helpful, considering that visiting the island can be quite expensive.

There are also snorkelling tours, bus tours, and even luxury cruises and gourmet tours – there’s something for every kind of traveller! No wonder why it’s one of the main tourist destinations in Western Australia.

But, honestly… You don’t need a tour to enjoy Rotto!

This world-renowned destination is surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean and the unique wildlife that lives there is quite friendly! You will have an unforgettable experience either way.

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