Chris and Bec standing in a field of yellow flowers under a clear blue sky. It shows the best time to visit Perth Western Australia

7 Reasons Why The Best Time To Visit Perth Is Spring + The Worst Time To Visit

The best time to visit Perth is spring (September and November), hands down.

The wildflowers are in full bloom, there are whale-watching opportunities, and the weather is absolutely perfect for outdoor activities.

A woman in a striped dress and hat smiles while standing in a vibrant field of yellow wildflowers near Perth, Australia. This scene showcases the best time to visit Perth.
The wildflowers simply brighten up your mood.

Plus, it’s not peak season, so you’ll avoid the crowds that come with major school holidays.

Winter’s a different story, as it’s rainy and cold. We could say it’s the “worst” time to visit, but it has its advantages, which we discuss further down.

Other seasons have their perks too. So the best time to visit Perth actually comes down to what YOU want to do and when you can go.

We’ll lay down the pros and cons of each season below, to help you find that sweet spot for your Perth trip. Let’s get started!

7 reasons why spring is the best time to visit Perth

Springtime in Perth is between September to November and it offers the perfect conditions to visit the city.

The temperatures range from 16°C to 25°C, mostly with clear blue skies and fewer crowds.

Plus, there’s quite a few epic things to do in Perth in spring:

1) Wildflower season

Western Australia’s famous wildflowers bloom in Perth between September and early November. During this time, the city and its nearby areas explode into colour, it’s absolutely stunning!

The best places to see wildflowers in Perth are Kings Park, Perth Hills, and John Forrest National Park, among other places.

These locations are all within a 30-minute drive of the city centre and offer some of the best displays of wildflowers in the state. They also host local events celebrating the season, such as the Everlasting Kings Park Festival.

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2) Rottnest island

October and November are excellent months to visit Rottnest Island!

The weather is excellent for snorkelling, going quokka-spotting, and doing everything there is to do on the island, without the crowds that will arrive in peak season (summer).

🤩 Explore Rottnest Island’s rich history with a guided tour, including a scenic train ride and fascinating tunnel exploration: Historic Rottnest Island Day Trip from Perth

3) Whale watching

One of the two main whale watching seasons in Perth happens in spring. During this time, the majestic humpback whales migrate south.

A large humpback whale breaches the ocean surface, its massive body glistening with water droplets under a clear blue sky.
Spot humpback whales from September to December.

You could see them from the shore with binoculars, but it’s best to do a tour. You’ll get up and close with these beautiful animals, it’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

🤩 Wanna go whale-watching? Hop on this 2-hour whale-watching tour with live expert commentary: Educational Whale Watching Tour from Perth

4) Outdoor activities

Perth has a few beautiful parks where you can spend the day, go picnic, or just enjoy the great weather.

But for those who want more, there are excellent hiking trails nearby, like the Trigg coastal walk or anywhere in the Perth Hills.

A couple walks hand in hand through the lush greenery of Araluen Botanic Park near Perth, Australia. The morning sunshine and tall grasses create a perfect atmosphere for hiking and exploring. It shows the best time to visit Perth
A hike in Araluen Botanical Park near Perth.

As for ocean activities, there are some epic snorkelling spots to check out. The water might be a bit cold though, but it will be worth it!

That said, the winds might not be strong enough for surfing, windsurfing, etc. Winter is best for those activities.

5) Go wine-tasting to Swan Valley

Spring is the best time to go wine tasting in Perth for a couple of reasons.

First, the weather is mild and pleasant, making it ideal for exploring vineyards without the intense heat of summer or the chilly winds of winter.

Second, spring often coincides with new wine releases from the previous vintage, so you’ll have the opportunity to taste some of the freshest wines while also sampling the region’s renowned older bottles.

Finally, there are fewer crowds than during peak tourist seasons. So you’ll get a more relaxed and enjoyable experience in the cellars.

🤩 This full-day tour will take you wine tasting at some of the best wineries in Swan Valley, complete with gourmet treats and scenic views: Swan Valley Wine Full Day Tour

6) Check these nearby attractions

If you visit during spring, make sure to check out The Pinnacles and Lancelin Sand Dunes!

These two attractions have arid landscapes, so it can be tough to visit them in summer due to the weather as there’s little to no shade to escape the heat.

An aerial view of the Pinnacles Desert in Western Australia, with two people walking among the limestone formations. The late afternoon sun casts long shadows, highlighting the dramatic landscape
Visit The Pinnacles Desert in the morning or afternoon for best the views.

Plus, you can check out both of them in one day. Or book this full-day tour from Perth that takes you to them with a local guide (dinner and pick up/ drop off included).

And if you have a few more days to spare, we definitely recommend checking out Margaret River or even Kalbarri if you’re up for a 5-day road trip from Perth! You can’t go wrong with either one.

7) Spring festivals in Perth

There are a few key events in Perth that only take place during spring, like:

  • The Perth Hills Spring Festival. Takes place in Kalamunda and features local artisans, live music, food and wine-testings and picturesque venues. More info here.

  • Perth International Jazz Festival. An epic event that brings both local and international jazz musicians to the city. More info here.

  • Margaret River Gourmet Escape. A culinary festival that attracts top chefs and foodies for wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, and gourmet experiences. More info here.

Summer is the second best time to visit Perth (December – February)

Summer, from December to February, is the second-best time to visit Perth. There are a few epic things to do, like:

A woman in a red swimsuit stands in the shallow, clear waters of a beach in Western Australia, holding a pair of fins. The bright blue sea and sky create a perfect backdrop.
Snorkelling is always the best in summer.

That said, there are two massive cons of visiting Perth in the summer.

First, the hot temperatures can be uncomfortable, reaching +30°C (not as deadly as Kalbarri’s 45°C in summer, though). Thankfully there are lots of beaches to cool down.

Second, and more importantly, it’s peak season for tourists. The Australian school holidays are in full swing, so heaps of people come to visit.

This often means higher accommodation prices and it can be hard to book a tour last minute.

Make sure to book accommodation, tours, and everything else well in advance if you want to visit Perth in summer.

S&C Travel Tip

Autumn in Perth (March – May) is a good time to visit, too

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and the second whale-watching season, as blue whales migrate through these waters.

The average temperatures are similar to spring, ranging from 13°C to 26°C. It’s perfect to enjoy all the attractions of the city without the scorching heat of summer.

This also makes it another great season for wine tasting!

The end of autumn is also a great time to go surfing if you want a balance between good waves and not-so-cold weather.

That said, autumn in Perth coincides with the best time to visit Esperance. This is a remote but stunning town on the southern coast of WA. It’s mostly known for the friendly kangaroos that live in Lucky Bay, but there are plenty of things to do there.

So, consider a quick trip to Esperance if you visit Perth in autumn. You could take a direct flight from Perth to Esperance and spend a few days there. But if you have the time, we recommend doing a road trip there! This guide has the full itinerary.

Why is winter (June – August) the worst time to visit Perth?

Winter is considered the “worst” time to visit Perth as it’s cold and when it rains, it pours. This heavily restricts outdoor activities and you might have to be flexible with your plans.

If it rains during your visit, know that there are a few epic museums to check out like Perth Mint or the Boola Bardip.

Waves crash against rocks on a sandy shore under an overcast sky. The sea appears rough and choppy, with mist rising in the background.
It may be cold in winter but the swells are reliable for surfing.

However, winter has a few advantages!

For example, winter is the best time to surf in Perth as the swells are good and reliable.

It’s also a low season for tourism, so the accommodation prices are at their cheapest!

So, if you’re willing to brave the rain and focus on indoor attractions, winter can be a cost-effective time to visit the city.

That said, this winter in Perth is also the best time to visit the beautiful Ningaloo Reef, on Western Australia’s Coral Coast. You could take a direct flight from Perth to Exmouth and stay 2-3 days there to tick off a few bucket list items, like swimming with whale sharks.

Peak and low seasons in Perth

The peak and off-peak seasons in Perth depend on the school holidays and the weather conditions.

The peak season is summer (December and January) as it coincides with school vacations and sunny weather. The city will be at its busiest and hotel prices will be higher than usual.

Book everything well ahead of time to ensure you don’t miss any activities you want to do.

The off-peak season is winter (June through August) as it’s very rainy. Outdoor activities will be limited but accommodation prices will be lower.

For the best experience, we recommend doing your trip outside of the school holidays. Check out this page to know the exact dates of the upcoming school holidays and plan your trip around that!

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Top Tips

Perth enjoys more hours of sunshine than any other capital city in Australia, so bring sunscreen!

Also, the public transport is reliable and can take you to Fremantle and Mandurah, for example.

A field of pink wildflowers in full bloom with a blurred background of trees in Western Australia.
Perth wildflowers in spring.

But if you want to explore further out, like the Swan Valley wineries or Margaret River, consider renting a car – we recommend RentalCars for that!

Did you know?

Perth was founded in 1829 as part of the Swan River Colony, but the early settlers faced challenges due to how isolated they were and the harsh environment of the area. Thankfully the city developed rapidly during the Western Australian gold rush.

The Noongar people are the traditional custodians of the Perth region. Their rich culture and connection to the land remain, with sacred sites like Heirisson Island and Kings Park offering historical insights and heritage tours.


What month has the best weather in Perth?

There are actually a few months that have the best weather in Perth – March, April, October, and November. They’re perfect for beach trips, festivals, and exploring nature, without the sweltering temperatures of summer or the heavy rain of winter.

What time of year is the cheapest to go to Perth?

The cheapest time to go to Perth is usually in winter (June-August).

What is the hottest month in Perth?

February is the hottest month in Perth, with an average high of 31,6 °C.

The bottom line

Spring in Perth is hard to beat. With wildflowers in full bloom, whale-watching opportunities, and perfect hiking conditions, it’s the best time to visit this city, all while avoiding peak tourism.

You won’t be caught in major school holidays either, so it will be a bit quieter but still packed with activities!

The opposite is winter, as the weather is cold and rainy, but it’s the cheapest time to visit and surfers will love the big swells.

In the end, the best time to visit Perth really depends on your preferences and availability, so keep that in mind before planning your trip!

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