An aerial view of a tranquil beach scene in Exmouth, showcasing a wide expanse of clear blue waters bordered by a sandy beach. On the left, a few vehicles are parked on the dunes, while in the water, one person is standing on a paddleboard, alone in the sea. Perth to Exmouth tours

Best Perth To Exmouth Tours: Pick The Right One For YOU, What To Expect, And More

Most tours that take you from Perth to Exmouth are very similar.

They are the best option for travellers who want to explore the coast from Perth to Exmouth without doing all the driving (it’s a looong drive, 1300 km just one way).

Most of their itineraries are similar too. They stop in places like The Pinnacles, Kalbarri, Pink Lake, Coral Bay, etc. And the time allotted for Exmouth alone is around 1-2 days.

But their differences are crucial for a successful and enjoyable trip.

Underwater view of a woman in a yellow bikini swimming alongside a massive whale shark. The clear turquoise waters enhance the visibility of the shark's spotted skin, highlighting a serene interaction between human and marine life in Exmouth, Western Australia.

For example, does it return to Perth? Or it ends in Exmouth?

Or, how many meals are actually included? Restaurants in the area tend to be expensive and you might not have a place to cook in your accommodation, increasing the overall costs.

There are lots of details to consider before choosing a tour. But don’t worry – this guide will make it easy for you to pick one Perth to Exmouth tour.

We’ll share the top 3 tours, things to consider based on our experience visiting the area, and insider tips so you can make an informed decision:

In a hurry? Here are the BEST tours from Perth to Exmouth:

3 Best Tours from Perth to Exmouth

Most of the links included are guaranteed to have the lowest price available – take advantage of that!

S&C Travel Tip

1) 7-Day, all-inclusive Exmouth tour returning to Perth (10% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME)

7 days | Ends in Perth | Check itinerary

Best for: Travellers looking for a comprehensive yet budget-friendly tour of the Coral Coast that starts and ends in Perth.


  • All-inclusive (accommodation, transport, most meals)

  • 2 days in Exmouth, where you’ll visit Cape Range National Park, Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, and Turquoise Bay

  • Several optional activities available – Swimming with whale sharks and/or manta rays, glass bottom boat cruise, abseiling…

  • Great balance of structured activities and free time

  • 10% off AND free cancellation up to 2 weeks in advance if you book through this link


  • Accommodations are budget-friendly to reduce costs (backpacker hotels mostly)

  • Shared rooms and/or bathrooms, although you can request a single room for an additional cost

To further reduce costs, travellers also help cook meals, clean up, etc. ​​This might be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences.

Most helpful review:

I really enjoyed the tour, Brianna was knowledgeable, fun and an excellent driver. The accommodation on the tour varies, some places are more modern, however this didn’t matter too much as you spend very little time in the hostels. There is obviously lots of driving involved, but there are frequent stops at view points, beaches and service stations. (…)

-Lauren, 5/5 star review

Aerial view of a woman sitting atop a white van parked on a coastal road in Exmouth, with a panoramic backdrop of Cape Range National Park rugged coastline and the blue ocean. The sunny day highlights the vivid colors of the landscape.

2) 6-Day Coral Coaster One-Way Journey (10% OFF FOR LIMITED TIME)

6 days | Ends in Exmouth | Check itinerary

Best for: Travellers wanting to visit the highlights of the Coral Coast and want to stay a few extra days in Exmouth OR who don’t want to return to Perth.


  • All-inclusive (accommodation, transport, most meals)
  • Several optional activities available – Swimming with whale sharks and/or manta rays, glass bottom boat cruise, abseiling…
  • The last 2 days are in Exmouth and Cape Range National Park, which gives you a great introduction to the place and you can later explore at your own pace after the tour is done.
  • Great balance of structured activities and free time
  • 10% off AND free cancellation up to 2 weeks in advance if you book through this link


  • You have to book accommodations, transport, activities, etc for when this tour ends
  • Accommodations are budget-friendly to reduce costs (backpacker hotels mostly)
  • Shared rooms and/or bathrooms (single room for an additional cost)

As with the previous tour, travellers also help cook meals, clean up, etc because this helps reduce the costs. ​​This might be a pro or a con, depending on your preferences.

Wait – want to do a whale shark tour? If you’re staying more days in Exmouth, then book it on the last day of this tour.

Whale shark tours take the whole day, so by booking it on the last day of the tour, you won’t miss out on any activities (more on this further down).

Most helpful review:

An unbelievably great trip! Hundreds of kilometers, but the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, beaches and wildlife. Sensational guide and great group.

-Anonymous, 5/5 star review

At dusk, a silhouette of a person with arms raised triumphantly stands atop a rugged cliff in Charles Knife Canyon, Cape Range National Park, Western Australia. The background features a soft gradient of sunset colors transitioning from warm orange to deep blue.
Charles Canyon in Cape Range National Park

3) Boutique Comfort Tour of West Coast & Ningaloo Reef (One-Way)

8 days | Ends in Exmouth | Check itinerary

Best for: Travellers who want a comfortable road trip, staying in 3 or 4-star hotels, and want to spend extra days in Exmouth OR don’t want to return to Perth.


  • Overnight accommodation is in 3 or 4-star hotels

  • All breakfasts included

  • Aboriginal tours included

  • Smaller group

  • Great balance of structured activities and free time

  • Pay in installments with no interests


  • It’s expensive compared to other tours with similar stops

  • Doesn’t include lunch or dinner, which increases the costs in the end

  • You have to book accommodations, transport, activities, etc for when this tour ends

Most helpful review:

Have been on 3 trips with Via Travel now. Can’t recommend highly enough. Guides were enthusiastic, knowledgable and went above and beyond to ensure the group enjoyed the trip and always had extras to suggest for those that wanted a little more. Accommodation was always clean and well situated. The itineraries are much better designed than what all the other big companies offer.

-John, 5/5 star review

An underwater view of a green sea turtle gracefully swimming above the sandy seafloor scattered with patches of seaweed in Osprey Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia. The sunlight filters through the clear blue water, illuminating the turtle.

7 Things to know before booking a tour from Perth to Exmouth

Keep these in mind so you can choose the BEST tour for you and your specific needs:

1) There will be LOTS of driving

This will be true for any tour from Perth to Exmouth, as it’s a lot of distance to cover – 1300 kilometres if it’s a one-way tour!

Also, the internet connection can be spotty on the road, so consider:

  • Downloading series, movies, music, etc on your phone/tablet

  • Bringing a book (if you don’t get dizzy when reading in a vehicle)

  • Getting a travel pillow

2) Attractions visited

These tours are usually jam-packed with activities. If you have a specific place you want to check out, double-check if it’s included in the itinerary.

For example, most tours that go from Perth to Kalbarri stop in the following places:

  • The Pinnacles Desert, usually on the first day as it’s 2 hours outside of Perth, in Nambung National Park

  • The Pink Lake, also known as Hutt Lagoon

  • Nature’s Window, in Kalbarri National Park

  • Coral Bay, a resort town that’s part of the Ningaloo Reef. It’s the best place to swim with manta rays!

  • Turquoise Bay, the most popular beach in Exmouth

  • Shark Bay, Monkey Mia, etc

3) Activities included

Snorkelling is a big thing on this coast, so check if the provider includes snorkelling equipment or if you have to bring yours. There are lots of places where you can rent the equipment, but this will add to the overall cost of the tour.

Also, you’ll probably do a bit of hiking regardless of the tour. Bring comfortable walking shoes!

Keep in mind that some providers offer optional activities for an additional cost, such as:

If you’ll do a one-way trip and will stay a few more days in Exmouth, we recommend booking these activities (particularly the whale shark tour) on the last day of the multi-day tour.

Whale shark tours take the whole day, which means you’ll miss out on other activities provided by the multi-day tour.

That said, all whale shark tours in Exmouth are excellent, ironically making it hard to choose one. This guide will help you pick the best whale shark tour, things to know before doing it, and more.

Most whale shark tours often include 2 snorkelling sessions, so you might want to skip booking a snorkelling tour if you do a whale shark tour.

S&C Travel Tip

4) Season of your visit

Some tour operators offer tours in all weather conditions, so take this into consideration before booking your tour. Pack accordingly!

The best time to visit Exmouth is between March and October, as it coincides with the whale shark and humpback whale migrations, as well as the wildflower season.

Plus the weather is great for outdoor activities, but it can get cold in winter (from June to August).

In summer (December-February), the region gets very hot, even surpassing 40-50°C. This can make the road trip very uncomfortable, as it can be a bit suffocating inside the bus even with the aircon at full blast.

Keep reading: When is the best (and the worst) time to visit Exmouth?

5) Meals included

This can be either a pro or a con, depending on your needs and your budget.

Having all meals included means you won’t have to spend much extra money on food, but you won’t have much of a choice in what you eat.

Tour operators cater to food requirements, though. So if you’re vegetarian, vegan, celiac, etc, share this with your tour provider so they can cater to your needs.

Not having all meals included means you’ll have to pay for this out of pocket. This isn’t cheaper in the end, as Exmouth is a bit expensive due to its remoteness. But it gives you the freedom to eat wherever and whatever you want!

This will help: +20 places to eat in Exmouth

Overhead shot of a freshly baked seafood pizza on a wooden table, from the Whalebone Brewery in Exmouth, WA. The pizza features toppings of shrimp, sliced pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil. A slice of lemon sits on the side.

6) Accommodation arrangements

This drastically affects the overall cost of the tour.

Choosing a tour that books stays in 3 or 4-star hotels increases the overall cost, but you’ll be very comfortable.

Budget-friendly tours often include accommodations like hostels or backpacker-friendly stays. You might have to share the room and the bathroom with other travellers in your group.

That said, remember that you’ll spend little time in your accommodation because of how jam-packed these tours are, so sharing the room might be worth the savings.

But if it is an issue, you can always request a single room at an extra cost.

7) End point

Booking a tour that starts and ends in Perth is the most convenient option, but you’ll probably spend 1-2 days in Exmouth tops.

This is okay to get to know the area, but there’s very little time to truly enjoy it – there’s SO much to do there, we recommend staying a full week in Exmouth (here’s why, plus the perfect one-week itinerary!).

This is when booking a one-way trip comes in handy.

See, the last 2 days of these tours are in Exmouth and its surroundings. This gives you a massive advantage, because:

  • You’ll explore the highlights of the area with a tour guide

  • You can come back later and explore at your own pace

  • The tour guide will give you all the tips and recommendations, so you can make the most out of the rest of your trip

A woman stands at the edge of a cliff in Shothole Canyon, Cape Range National Park, looking out over a winding dirt road that carves through the rugged, arid canyon landscape. She wears a white hat and casual clothing, her hand holding the hat against the bright, sunny backdrop.

Not into road trips or can’t do a 6-8 day trip? No problem

If sitting on a bus for several hours a day turns you off or you don’t have a week available for travelling, fly to Exmouth instead!

The nearest airport is the Learmonth Airport, which is a 30-minute drive away from Exmouth. It has direct flights from Perth, taking you there in 2 hours.

We recommend renting a car from the airport as it’s the most convenient thing to do and there’s no time to waste! The pristine beaches are waiting for you.

The costs of the trip can quickly add up between the flights and the car rental, plus Exmouth is a bit expensive.

That’s why we recommend booking your flights with and renting your car with They will find the best deals available, so you can save some money during the trip!

Other things to do in Exmouth

There’s HEAPS to do in Exmouth, both on ocean and land, including:

It’s impossible to get bored there!


How many days from Perth to Exmouth?

We recommend 3-4 days. At this pace, you’ll be driving 3-4 hours each day. But you can do it in 2 days, driving 6-7 hours per day if you want to get there as fast as possible (the drive will be brutal, though).

Why is Exmouth so expensive?

Exmouth is so expensive because it’s a remote town whose economy is based on tourism. The cheapest month to visit is November, though!

Is it best to stay in Coral Bay or Exmouth?

This depends on your preferences. When it comes to snorkelling, both are superb thanks to the Ningaloo Reef.

That said, it’s best to stay in Exmouth if you prefer a town with variety when it comes to accommodation, places to eat, and activities to do.

But Coral Bay is best if you prefer a smaller, holiday destination.

The bottom line

The coast from Perth to Exmouth is called “Coral Coast” for a reason. The road itself is absolutely beautiful, making for one of the most popular road trips in Western Australia.

There are so many places to see and things to do that it can be overwhelming to plan a trip like that on your own.

That’s why booking a tour is so convenient. However, consider all the things mentioned above to make sure you have an unforgettable trip.

If you do it during whale shark season, do not miss the opportunity to do a tour! It’s a life-changing experience that cannot be missed.

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