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What To Do In Exmouth When It Rains or It’s Windy? 9 Activities To Keep Enjoying Your Trip

The unusual wet weather in this part of Western Australia brings relief from the heat. But you may have to adjust your plans a bit to find what to do in Exmouth when it rains.

The good thing is that the rainy day will probably last a day, at most. And it’s unlikely it will ruin your trip.

You can still go snorkelling, check out the many visitor centres available, or even hike, among other things. Check our list below, don’t let a drop of rain deter you!

9 Things to do in Exmouth when it rains

On this beautiful stretch of coastline, the odd rainy day is a chance to discover a few new experiences, such as:

Visiting the Ningaloo Aquarium and Discovery Centre. Great attraction for families.

1) Visit the Ningaloo Aquarium and Discovery Centre

This landmark building is home to a state-of-the-art community hub for research, education and tourism. There are two places you can check out:

The Aquarium and Discovery Centre

This is the real attraction – a multi-level museum and aquarium. Especially on a not-so-perfect day! For a small fee, you’ll get a taste of what the area has to offer.

You’ll learn about the marine life that visits these coasts yearly – whale sharks, humpback whales, manta rays, and much more. You’ll also get a sneak peek into the Cape Range and the history of Exmouth.

While there, don’t forget to check the Cyclone Room. You’ll feel what it was like when cyclone Vance hit this town in 1999.

Soooo much history in Exmouth. At the Ningaloo Discovery Centre

The Ningaloo Visitor Centre

This is a “one-stop-shop” for almost anything there is to do in the area. Here, you can book local tours and get free maps and general information.

It’s the perfect place to plan for activities during your entire visit to Exmouth, the Ningaloo Reef, the Cape Range National Park and all of the North West Cape.

2) “Blow the froth off” a brew

The Froth Craft Brewery is one of the best microbreweries in Western Australia. It’s a family-friendly pub in the heart of town with a great menu on offer (including one for the kids), live music, and at least 16 different craft beers on tap.

Other solid options are the Whalebone Brewing Company or the EGFC Restaurant & Bar.

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Bec swimming with turtles in Exmouth, Western Australia
Bec getting up close and personal with the locals.

3) Go snorkelling

Light rain won’t affect your underwater view, so grab your snorkel equipment and dive in! Don’t skip that opportunity just because of bad weather.

Beginners and families will love the Oyster Stacks snorkelling area, in Cape Range National park. Just be careful of the sharp oyster shells on the shoreline as you enter and leave the water.

Strong swimmers might prefer to drift snorkel at Turquoise Bay, though. The currents can be powerful, but the rewards beneath the waves are great. It’s one of the best shore snorkelling sites in Western Australia for a reason.

And if you’re into scuba diving, then head to the Exmouth Navy Pier. It’s one of the world’s top shore dives, but you have to go on a tour to access it.

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4) Visit the Yardie Creek Cafe

Located at the Yardie Homestead Caravan Park, this café is a must-visit destination for those spending their day at Jurabi Coastal Park. Only 30 minutes away from Exmouth, it’s the perfect spot to fuel up before or after exploring the area.

Open from 7 am to 10 am for coffee and snacks, and from 5 pm for dinner, the café serves a variety of delicious options. Highly recommended dishes include pizza and burgers. They have live music and different specials each night.

5) Get a kitesurfing lesson

Imagine the thrill of gliding across the water, propelled by the wind, with the stunning Ningaloo Reef as your backdrop.

Learning how to kitesurf in Exmouth is truly an experience of a lifetime. This destination is renowned for its exceptional kitesurfing conditions, so you might as well take advantage of it!

Head over to the Exmouth Surf Centre, where you can book a lesson and learn how to safely and confidently harness the power of the wind and waves. They’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment. Plus, the instructors are one of a kind – they’re very experienced and knowledgeable.

6) Wildlife and sea life spotting

If the rain isn’t too heavy, get out and go for a hike – you’ll be surprised at how much wildlife you see. Those creatures care less about the weather than we do, and in that warm dry climate, they love to get out and about when there’s a cooling shower.

Pay a visit to Charles Knife Canyon and the Thomas Carter Lookout. Keep your eyes peeled for monitor lizards, sea eagles, echidnas, emus, kangaroos and wallabies. If you’re really lucky, you might spot a rare black-footed rock wallaby along the Yardie Gorge Trail.

As for sea life spotting, choose a place to perch at Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. Any time from March until August, you can do some whale watching – whale sharks feed within the Ningaloo Marine Park and humpback whales migrate through here.

Afterwards, head to the Milyering Discovery Centre for some great information on the local wildlife, and perhaps identify a few animals that had you scratching your head.

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7) Sneak in a bit of shopping

The local shopping centre in Exmouth is far from a multi-story fashion mecca, but it’s a great place to escape the rain and get almost all you need from under one roof.

Here, you’ll find a supermarket, a newsagent, a pharmacist, clothing stores, souvenirs, and several places to eat.

8) Get a soothing massage

If you’ve had a hectic few days enjoying the outdoors and the weather is not ideal, head indoors for some spa therapy.

Work on a few niggling issues, or just relax with a massage. Prepare your body for your next adventure!

9) Stock up on your tackle and camping supplies

If the rainy weather is dampening your enthusiasm to venture out, use that time to prepare for the guaranteed return of the sunshine.

Whether you have all the gear or are just beginning to discover the great outdoors, Exmouth has just about all you’ll need. Fishing and camping requirements are in good supply here.

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When is the best time of the year to visit Exmouth?

Going between March through October ensures you enjoy the beaming marine life on the Ningaloo coast and the wildflower season, without worrying too much about the heat.

But to be honest, the “perfect” time to go is fairly subjective. It will depend on what you want to do, your availability, and other factors.

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Top Tips

Although Exmouth doesn’t get much rainfall, there can be severe weather events from November through to April due to cyclone season.

The coastline between Exmouth and Broome is the most cyclone-prone area in the country. Take precautions if you’re planning on visiting during that time of the year by:

Did you know?

The Learmonth Solar Observatory, a half-hour drive south of Exmouth, is a joint facility of the Australian Ionospheric Prediction Service and the US Air Force. It’s part of a world network of observatories to monitor the Sun for solar flare activity.

When is the best time to swim with whale sharks in Exmouth?

The best time to swim with whale sharks in Exmouth is between March and early August, but some tour operators work up to September.

Where can you see the humpback whales in Exmouth?

You can see humpback whales in Exmouth on the coastline between the North of Exmouth’s Gulf, all the way down to Coral Bay.

When does it rain the most in Exmouth?

January is statistically the rainiest month, but it’s rarely more than a one-day rain.

The bottom line

While most of us associate Exmouth with the great outdoors, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy most of what this town has to offer on a rainy day.

Depending on the season, you could spot a humpback whale or a whale shark. Swim and snorkelling aren’t off the plan either, as the waters can be warmer during the rain and the underwater view won’t be affected.

Finally, there are many visitor centres and other indoor places you can spend a while in. Don’t let a drop of rain discourage you!

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