Unfiltered eBusiness Institute Review (2024): Is It a Scam?

Back in 2016 and 2017, we paid over $18k to go through every course taught by the eBusiness Institute. From their free training to their advanced mentorship program.

7 years later, we make $300,000 a year (and growing) by working from a laptop… all thanks to their teachings.

The training program is run by a couple, Matt and Liz. Their courses teach beginners and non-techies of all ages how to make money from buying and selling websites.

Now, this eBusiness Institute review is to help you decide whether making money from websites is the right strategy for you.

For 30 years, Matt and Liz have bought, renovated, and sold businesses.

And for 10 years, they have taught others how to do this online. They turned us, a FIFO worker and a social worker, into online business owners!

Matt and Liz From ebusiness Institute. With Chris and Bec from Salt and Charcoal
Chris and Bec (that’s us) with Matt and Liz from eBusiness Institute. In the background is Bunji our bus home!

One of the biggest misconceptions about this form of business is that it’s a scam or that it doesn’t make enough money to live on.

People also think there aren’t many ways to make income online however, we have learned multiple different ways to make money online through tried and tested strategies taught by eBusiness Institute.

TL;DR – The eBusiness Institute courses work. Matt and Liz teach you everything needed to earn money online by building and flipping websites. But results take 6-12 months of consistent work, of at least 5-7 hours per week. If you don’t implement what they teach, you won’t succeed. You get out, what you put in. You can learn more with this FREE masterclass below, on how to buy and renovate websites for passive income:

Pros of the eBusiness Institute

  • Proven system to teach you how to make money online with 2 main strategies – building websites from scratch and flipping websites.
  • Courses cater to every level, but especially to complete beginners with no experience or tech skills. This was us when we started.
  • Syllabus covers everything – web design, SEO, strategies to make money fast, and how to outsource the things you don’t want to do for cheap (like tech stuff).
  • Step-by-step instructions, examples, checklists, worksheets, and tools, all in one accessible place.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love it, they’ll refund the entire amount.
  • 5-year access so you can follow the entire online course at your own pace.
  • Expect to recoup the money invested in 18-24 months (after applying their strategies)

And, there’s a special bonus for Salt and Charcoal readers that includes:

  • A $975 discount
  • Bonus calls with a private coach to increase your chances of success
  • 2 private sessions with Matt and Liz

Get the special bonus for S&C readers here!

Cons of the eBusiness Institute

  • Added costs. Apart from the course itself, you’ll want to buy your first website at some point (usually around $100-$1000). Using paid tools or outsourcing services increases costs too.
  • It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes 6-12 months of consistent effort to start earning money through websites. This is realistic though.
  • For optimal results (i.e. earning money in a year or less) you’d have to work at least 1-2 hours daily. Chris started with 10-30 minutes though, every little effort adds up!
  • You have to invest time and energy in learning new digital skills. It will get you out of your comfort zone and it takes personal growth.
  • Can’t download the videos, you can only stream them from the website.
Matt and Liz Digital Investors Screenshot
Screenshot of eBusiness Institute members area. Current as of Dec 2023. They do update the course very often with new material.

What is the eBusiness Institute?

The eBusiness Institute is a digital training platform. Where anyone can learn strategies for generating income online through building websites and/or buying and renovating them for profit.

Founders are Matt and Liz Raad, an Australian couple based in Brisbane. They’ve been entrepreneurs for the past 30 years. They studied zoology but wanted more freedom than their profession offered.

So, they started buying and renovating brick-and-mortar (traditional in-person shop) businesses for profit, but realised there must be a less “hands-on” and stock-heavy way to earn money.

Fast forward to 2008, they transferred that knowledge online.

So, instead of renovating rundown brick-and-mortar, they started renovating websites (online businesses). This was a smart move, because:

  • Renovating websites is MUCH cheaper (and easier) than renovating traditional shop-style businesses.
  • You can invest less upfront while having fewer stock and land commitments.
  • Makes excellent money – you can build a website to earn $1000/month, and either sell it for $30,000-$40,000 OR keep growing it. We have websites generating $10,000 a month.
  • Can be done from literally anywhere, as long as you have a laptop and internet connection.

After refining their process, they created a repeatable structure and strategies to build and sell profitable websites.

This tested step-by-step process is what they teach at the eBusiness Institute, so anyone can be financially independent regardless of their age or background.

How did we find the eBusiness Institute?

I (Chris) found Matt and Liz in 2016, after going to a mindset seminar by Paul Blackburn, in Perth.

This was a year before meeting my partner Bec. At that time, I was working in the oil and gas industry as FIFO (we talk all about that backstory here).

Long story short – the job paid well, but it was affecting my health. I was getting depressed and frustrated a lot, disliking every single day. On top of that, I severely injured my shoulder while on the job.

I was recovering from that when I went to the mindset seminar. There, I saw a workshop by Matt and Liz, where they explained how to buy and sell websites for profit (thankfully, they now do that same workshop online for free).

I was immediately intrigued. Looking for a way out of FIFO which could fund my love for travelling. My instant thought after their workshop was “This is something I could really get behind”.

I signed up for their course right then and there.

But it was only after signing up that I spent the next 3 hours researching them online, making sure reviews were good and all that stuff.

This is NOT how I’d recommend making big-money decisions, you should review first and sign up later (as you’re doing right now, you smart human)!

But I could tell they were genuine and honest people, so I felt safe enough to jump right into learning!

That said, it was a huge financial decision for me. Even if I was making good money as a FIFO, I was still living paycheck to paycheck!

They offer payment plans now, so it’s easier to manage. That, and their 30-day money-back guarantee make it a no-stress decision.

I (Chris) did the Digital Investors course first.

It was completely online, which was practical because I was still FIFO. I could just sign in and do the course even when I was in the middle of nowhere.

I attended every weekly workshop, and just threw myself into it. I knew that this was going to work and fund my travels – they laid out all the tools and knowledge, I just had to put it into action.

It took me 6 months to finish the Digital Investors program. I started earning money at the 6-9 month mark.

But I wanted more, so I applied to their Champions program shortly after finishing Digital Investors. Champions is their all-immersive program, which we discuss further down as well.

I quit my FIFO job, after 12 months of following Matt and Liz’s teachings.

I see now that was a drastic decision, but it’s what worked for me and my circumstances back then. I didn’t have kids to care for, big debts to pay, or anything like that.

Matt and Liz’s courses allowed me to start my digital agency selling SEO services and websites to small businesses. Then, I built my portfolio of websites and ended up where we are now.

Here’s a 7-minute interview I did with Liz back in 2019, sharing how I went from FIFO to earning money online in just 9 months:

Bec did the same course around 2019.

Hi, it’s Bec now!

Back then, I was a social worker and manager of 3 women’s refuges in Perth, Western Australia.

It was not uncommon for me to work 15-hour days. I loved my job, but after 3 years at that pace, I was so exhausted my body started to break down (more about that backstory here).

I had been with Chris for 2 years at that point (we met back in 2017). To be honest… I was a bit skeptical of what Chris was doing at first.

I found it hard to imagine that you could make money yourself online, I was just so sure I HAD to work for someone else and anything else sounded too good to be true. However…

All the effort he put into his websites translated into more and more income.

It was mind-blowing to see Chris’ exponential growth financially and just within himself, to be honest!

I couldn’t help but compare it to all the effort I put into my daily job, and how he started earning more than me with less work… Plus, I was suffering exhaustion and newfound health problems.

Seeing how he was earning money online was the evidence I needed to make the jump. He was already living the lifestyle I thought was a faraway dream… so why couldn’t I try what he does?

So, I ended up doing the Digital Investors program as well.

The good thing is that I didn’t have to pay for it. Matt and Liz offer a free pass to the ENTIRE program for a family member! Chris gave me his free pass, and here we are.

Note: That free pass is one of the 5 special bonuses for our Salt and Charcoal readers. That and other special bonuses for our readers below.

The 3 main strategies Matt and Liz Raad teach to make money online

Matt and Liz teach you how to earn an online income in 3 main ways:

  1. Earn quick cash by building websites and offering SEO services
  2. Build a portfolio of websites for semi-passive income
  3. Acquire and sell leads (clients) to other businesses for referral fees

1) Earn quick cash by building websites

In this strategy, you generate income fast by building websites for local businesses. You also create ongoing income through offering SEO services. This gets you up and running really fast.

To achieve this, Matt and Liz teach you how to build websites, the tech side of things, and how to talk to people to make sales.

It’s a quick way to earn an online income in Australia. There are so many businesses in the country that need websites built and ongoing maintenance like SEO services too.

This is what Chris focused on at the start to get out of his FIFO job within 12 months.

However, not everyone goes through this route. Some people like to combine it with the second strategy, which is:

2) Build a portfolio of websites

You buy a website that is making revenue through a marketplace (like Flippa or Empire Flippers).

You renovate (improve) it with the skills learned from building websites. Doing this increases its revenue, and you can choose to:

  • Keep it as a semi-passive income strategy.
  • Sell it for a profit. This is called “flipping websites”

Emphasis on “semi-passive income”. The truth is that there’s no such thing as a truly passive income, where you have to do absolutely nothing and money will always come.

There’s some maintenance work to do. But, once the website is up and running, maintaining it can take as little as 2-3 hours a week – pretty passive if you ask me!

How long did it take to realistically make money online with the eBusiness Institute?

Chris started earning money online about 6-9 months into Matt And Liz’s teachings.

Other students have sold websites to local businesses around the 2-3 month mark.

That said, it took 12 months of being all in to quit FIFO. Remember that Chris was dead set on getting out of that industry, which was his main goal at the time.

After quitting, he focused really hard on building the online business. That’s why he joined the Champions program (more on what it is below).

Where are we now, 7 years after learning from Matt and Liz Raad?

Currently, we’ve built up our own portfolio sites. Combined, they generate around $300,000 yearly. That amount goes to:

  • $100,000 for our expenses (home (the bus), food, clothes, travels, etc)
  • $200,000 to reinvest in the business (pay our team, buy more websites, etc) or put away for savings and donate to charities each year.

We did this by using the exact techniques Matt and Liz teach at the eBusiness Institute. This has allowed us to:

  • Fund our lifestyle of travelling around Australia in a four-wheel drive bus
  • Travel internationally as well
  • Save money for the future
  • Own our schedules and our lives

For more details on where we are nowadays business-wise, how we make income, and more, check out this video:

Review of the 5 courses offered by the eBusiness Institute

Matt and Liz teach 5 courses in total:

  1. How to buy, build and renovate websites for profit (free masterclass)
  2. Digital Marketing Kickstarter (included in all paid courses)
  3. WebDev Accelerator program (for those on a budget)
  4. Digital Investors program (the one we did)
  5. Champions (application only)

If you can, we recommend going straight to the Digital Investors program because it’s the most comprehensive of them all.

Plus, using our link gives you free access to the Kickstarter and the WebDev Accelerator courses! Grab those special bonuses simply by using our link here.

That said, here’s a quick breakdown of all the eBusiness Institute courses, who they are for, and the costs:

How to buy, build and renovate websites for profit: Free masterclass

  • Duration: 1.5h
  • Cost: Free
  • Goal: Understand the basics of buying and renovating websites for online income

This is essentially the workshop Chris did when he met Matt and Liz in person, but it’s also online.

It’s a 90-minute training on how website investing works, the tested methods Matt and Liz use to do this, and examples of what can be achieved.

The masterclass is for:

  • Beginners who don’t know how it’s possible to earn money by building and renovating websites
  • Anyone wanting to check if it’s a legit way to make money – spoiler: it is… but you won’t get rich overnight
  • Anyone who wants to see Matt and Liz’s teaching style before committing
  • Anyone wanting to check if their programs are a good fit (particularly the Digital Investors program)

Digital Marketing Kickstarter: Included in all paid courses

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Cost: Free (included in all paid courses)
  • Goal: Introduction to Digital Marketing

This is an introductory course to digital marketing. It has all the basics you need to get started on this skill, without the fluff and complex terms. You’ll learn:

  • The basics of website design (with step-by-step strategies to implement right away)
  • How to analyse a website and how to increase its profits (with checklists to simplify the process)
  • How to leverage social media to create or increase business success with less effort
  • Understanding digital trends, how they will affect your business, and how to position yourself for success

This course opened our eyes on how to use social media to attract more customers to our businesses.

We use the strategies they teach here all. the. time. We love that it’s quick to go through as well, those 6 hours are jam-packed with value.

The Kickstarter program is for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn how to get started with digital marketing
  • Anyone overwhelmed by the thousands of free resources about digital marketing (that actually don’t help)
  • Anyone who wants to grow their business using digital strategies
  • Anyone who wants to future-proof their skills for job security

WebDev Accelerator Course: Create your first profitable site in 10 days

  • Duration: 10 days to 1-2 months
  • Cost: $997 full price, or $497 discounted, no payment plans (they offer discounts from time to time)
  • Goal: Build your first money-making website in 10 days or less

We LOVE this course. It has had a massive effect on our business, because we like to build websites and brands from scratch.

Thanks to this course, we were able to build this travel site (Salt and Charcoal), as well as health, local trade business, and art sites.

Here, Matt and Liz teach you how to build a profitable website, to later sell for $5000-$7000 on Flippa or a local business.

You can later replicate this process and choose whether to sell the website or keep it as an income stream!

Things you’ll learn in the WebDev course

  • The framework to know if the website you want to create will be profitable. This is the key before putting any effort into building the website itself
  • How do websites work and how to build one yourself
  • What is SEO and how to use it to attract visitors to the website
  • Guided website build. Follow this along and you’ll have your website ready in a few hours! It really works. I (Bec) was building websites extremely quickly and honestly never expected that.
  • How to make money from websites (i.e. selling to local businesses, creating your portfolio of websites, or flipping websites)
  • How to hire an outsourcer to do the tech things you don’t want to do
  • Other resources – a proven site layout template for you to use (just fill in the blanks and customise it to your needs), done-for-you examples to follow, free tool recommendations, etc

How long does it take to finish the WebDev Accelerator program?

The course is designed to be done in 10 days, by going part-time with 3-4 hours per day (5 days a week). This works perfectly if you want to earn money fast.

But we’d recommend taking longer, even a month or two if you’re not in a rush. The follow-along videos are very thorough, so going slower can make sure you understand everything and avoid mistakes.

If you can only dedicate 3-4 hours a week (e.g. Saturday mornings only), you may be able to complete the entire course in 2 months or less.

The WebDev Accelerator is for:

  • Anyone who wants quick cash (and is willing to put in the work)
  • Non-tech people who want a simple way to earn money online
  • Anyone who wants to create a digital agency offering marketing services
  • Anyone wanting to learn how to build websites without having to do a BootCamp or get a degree
  • Start-ups and business owners who want to create and maintain their websites without outsourcing
  • People who are interested in building up an online brand to make semi-passive income

Don’t do the WebDev Accelerator if:

  • You already know how to build a profitable website (i.e. websites that earn >$500 per month)
  • You don’t want to learn how to make websites for profit

If you aren’t interested in building websites from scratch, you may be better off with the Digital Investors program. (Spoiler – WebDev Accelerator is offered as a bonus in the Digital Investors Program anyway!)

Digital Investors Program: Earn more while working less

  • Duration: 12-18 months
  • Cost: The course is: $4,475 (use our link and get it for $3,500 instead) + extra costs, as you’ll want to purchase your first site during the course ($500-$1000)
  • Goal: Create an automated 6-figure website portfolio

Previously known as “Digital Profits program”, Matt and Liz get deep into the strategy of buying and renovating websites.

The goal is for you to end up with a portfolio of websites that generate automated income online.

Put simply, you’ll learn how to buy profitable sites and renovate them to:

  • Sell them later for a lump sum
  • Keep them as an alternate semi-passive income stream

How is it different from the WebDev Accelerator program?

The WebDev Accelerator teaches you how to build a profitable website from scratch. You need this knowledge to understand how websites work and how to earn money from them.

The Digital Investors program is the next step. You’ll know how to find profitable sites that someone else built.

You’ll learn to tell the difference between:

  • Garbage sites – Websites that look flashy and cool but won’t make money
  • Diamonds in the rough Cheap websites that may look simple or even boring, but can be money-making machines

Salt and Charcoal readers have the WebDev Accelerator included for free, along with other bonuses!

Things you’ll learn in the Digital Investors Program

  • Website’s due diligence – how to know whether a website is worth buying. Know if the topic of the website is profitable, identify if the seller is truthful to prevent scams, risks vs. benefits of your purchase
  • Negotiation tips to get the best deal possible
  • Step-by-step to buy your first site, how to transfer ownership, set up accounts, free tools you can use to do this
  • Action plan to renovate a website to maximise its profits
  • How to prepare your renovated website for sale (and sell it for what it’s really worth)
  • How to delegate and outsource to leverage your time – what you can outsource, and how to find the best person for the role
  • Monthly Q&A webinars – live sessions you can rewatch at your own time, where Matt and Liz do live due diligence, renovation analysis, and more

Apart from this, you’ll have downloadable spreadsheets, worksheets, and cheat sheets to make everything much, much easier.

They also provide templates you can use to post a job while looking for an outsourcer and even a legal confidentiality agreement if you need one.

How long does it take to finish the Digital Investors Program?

The course is designed to be finished in 12 months part-time, or 12 weeks of full-time study.

Keep in mind that it takes 12-18 months to start making money from a website. Regardless of how quickly you finish the course, this fact won’t change.

Also, the first site you buy and renovate will likely take a bit longer to make money.

It will be a bit of a learning journey. Maybe the rankings on Google drop, or something goes wrong.

That’s all part of the learning experience – remember that you’ll be learning on this site, fully hands-on. It’s a great way to grow!

Think of your first renovation as your first pancake. It’s never perfect, far from it. But it’s a necessary step to get the next fluffy, perfectly rounded pancake.

Plus, Matt and Liz teach you everything you need to implement to fix any challenge that comes your way. The community online is so supportive too, they will help you through any challenge.

Every single thing that goes wrong that you learn to fix (pretty much everything is fixable by the way) is an advantage for your next website.

The Digital Investors Program is for:

  • Anyone wanting to do less work in exchange for more money (and is willing to put in the work for at least 12-18 months to get there)
  • Anyone wanting to spend less time working and more time travelling (or doing whatever else your heart desires)
  • Anyone who wants to leave the rat race (traditional employment)
  • Non-tech people of any age wanting to earn money through the internet
  • Anyone fearing AI will take over their job who want to future-proof their income
  • Anyone who wants to diversify their assets with less investment upfront

Don’t do the Digital Investors Program if:

  • You expect to get rich quickly – there’s no such thing. Unless you win the lotto, getting-rich-quick schemes are usually scams
  • You can’t commit to applying what Matt and Liz teach you for +1 year with little returns at first (but a clear strategy to earn in future)
  • You already know how to buy, renovate, and sell websites and have a 6-figure website portfolio (apply to Champions instead)

Finally, we don’t recommend doing this program if you’re already struggling to pay the bills and have others to take care of (kids, parents, etc). Come back when you’re ready to start a side hustle safely.

This may not be the right time to get into this program, and that’s okay. Your time will come! Matt and Liz aren’t going anywhere.

5 Free special bonuses for Salt and Charcoal readers

For those who aren’t sure whether to jump in, Matt and Liz authorised us to offer you a few special bonuses!

Get the Digital Investors Program with our link to automatically have these bonuses FOR FREE:

Note: These are the bonuses at the time of writing. Click this link to check which bonuses are still available.

BONUS #1 – WebDev Accelerator Program

Normally at $997, this program is included for free when joining the Digital Investors program. Learn how to build a profitable website and sell it for profit (or keep it), in 10 days!


Get 5 years of access to the Digital Investors program to rewatch the modules as many times as you want, get all the updates they do (including new resources and monthly Q&As), and more.

BONUS #3 – 4x Calls With Your Own Private Coach

With a private coach you can ask questions to help you succeed WAY faster than without it.

You’ll have an expert at your fingertips so you never feel alone on this journey to making passive income a part of your life.

Chris is a coach by the way! Just request him when you book your coaching down the track so he can help you!

BONUS #4 – Free Pass For A Family Member

Much like Chris did with Bec, you can give a free pass to the entire Digital Investors program to someone else – your significant other, parent, kid, sibling…

This way, you’ll set them up for a successful future, just like yours! They’ll also have 5 years to access the course.

BONUS #5 – LIMITED TIME ONLY — 2x Personal Deal-Checks With Matt or Liz

At the time of writing, Matt and Liz are offering 2 private sessions with them. They’ll look over your website deal, regardless of whether it’s your first or tenth buy.

Having an expert double-checking these important decisions will give you peace of mind and confidence you’re making the right purchase.

Champions: Digital Entrepreneurs Masters Program

  • Duration: 1 year
  • Cost: Private
  • Goal: Scale your digital business to +6 figures

This is the 1-on-1 mentoring program with Matt and Liz. It’s an immersive, one-year training course that essentially teaches you how to grow and scale your business.

In their own words, this is why they designed Champions:

We designed the Champions Digital Entrepreneurs Program to train beginners to succeed online through personalised coaching, accountability and in-depth knowledge of key online money-making strategies that we know work through personal experience.

We are proud of this course that has allowed so many of our graduates to quit their jobs, change careers and secure their financial future by earning online income working from home.

Matt and Liz Raad – Co-Founders, eBusiness Institute

Not everyone can enter this program though. It’s application-based to ensure it’s a good fit for you.

They’re very picky about who gets in. They want people willing to put in the work to succeed, regardless of their experience level – these are the ones who will benefit the most from mentoring.

The only condition to apply is to either:

  • Have finished the Digital Investors program, or
  • After attending their Annual Digital Investors Summit. This is a 2-day online event where they go all out on their strategies to buy, build, and renovate websites.

Things you’ll get in the Champions Program

  • Weekly workshops online
  • Live workshop every 3 months, so you can meet the community and network
  • Personal calls with Matt and Liz

You also get personal calls with other coaches, like us! Yes, we are coaches in the eBusiness Institute. So, if you get accepted into Champions, you can request a call from us.

We can discuss whether the website you’re looking to buy is a good fit, how to make the most out of your sale, and more.

How long does it take to finish the Champions program?

It takes one year to finish. It’s an intensive program as well – there are online workshops every week and live ones every 3 months, along with private coaching from Matt, Liz and other experts.

The Champions program is for:

  • Anyone serious about a career change
  • Anyone who benefits well from scheduled coaching
  • Anyone committed to making a great living from building, buying and renovating websites
  • Anyone who wants handholding from experts to grow their online business

Don’t apply to Champions if:

  • You don’t know how to make money from websites yet – do Digital Investors first
  • You won’t commit to learning and scaling your business

In summary, Matt and Liz Raad’s courses are for:

  • Anyone who wants to earn money online, without selling to friends and family or using unethical strategies
  • Anyone who wants an income stream that won’t be taken by AI
  • Anyone who wants a career change for a more fulfilling lifestyle
  • Anyone willing to put in the effort, consistently to learn and grow your skills

And when we say “anyone”, we mean it.

We did the courses with people between 20 and +60 years old, from all walks of life.

What we all have in common is a desire for financial independence, and the commitment to get there.

You don’t even need tech skills to do any of this.

Matt and Liz give you all the technical details on how to build the website. And if you don’t want to do it, they help you find trustworthy people to outsource the things you can’t or don’t want to do.

Let me repeat – you don’t need tech skills. In fact, many of the successful people in the community aren’t amazing at tech. They started without knowing how to send an email.

We did the courses with these people and they’re absolutely killing it right now.

So, if you don’t want to do the tech stuff yourself, don’t worry. Matt and Liz will show you how to find people who can do that at a very cheap cost online.

Your outsourcers will do all the technical stuff while you do other parts of the online business.

Who shouldn’t take eBusiness Institute courses?

These courses will 100% set you up for success, and you can expect to recoup all the money invested in 18-24 months (after implementing the strategies taught, of course).

But if you are on this list, put your wallet away, at least for now:

  • Anyone who needs money quickly (in 6 months or less) and doesn’t have time to learn new skills
  • Anyone who can’t commit to implementing the strategies taught for at least 6-12 months before seeing results
  • Anyone who’s already struggling to pay the bills

Why do some of Matt and Liz’s students not succeed?

Honestly, it all comes down to the person.

Matt and Liz have a truly excellent program. They created a course anyone can make money with:

  • Teenagers and seniors
  • Beginners and experts
  • Tech-savvy and tech-allergic people

I (Chris) say this as a paying student who went through ALL their programs before becoming a coach with them!

I’ve been an active part of the community for more than 5 years, made a lot of life long friendships and I’ve seen people from all walks of life thrive after following this program.

But I’ve also seen that not everyone who goes through the course will make money.

Because in the end, it’s up to you to do the work, to learn, and to make it happen.

Matt and Liz give you all the tools. There is literally nothing else you need, there’s nothing they hold back. They tell you everything!

They give you:

  • Workshops and information you can put into action right then and there.
  • Every document, worksheet, checklist, etc. under the sun to make the process as smooth as possible.
  • SO many recorded webinars with so much information
  • Community support for accountability.
  • One-to-one voice calls with coaches and even Matt and Liz for more support.

You have absolutely ALL you need to make money… But it comes down to you.

Are you serious about changing your life? Do you really want to be financially free?

Will you keep showing up?

Take me (Chris) as an example.

When I started with Matt and Liz, I was 100% serious because I HATED my job.

I needed to get out of the oil and gas industry. I was making really good money, but I was coming home depressed and a bit angry sometimes. I needed a change.

That’s why I went all in and put in the work. And that’s what other successful graduates have in common – we put in the work and time.

It doesn’t even matter how much work you’re able to put in, as long as you do it. As long as you do anything. It can be 10 minutes a few days a week, or dive in head first and do it full time.

What matters is that you put in the work, consistently.

If you’re ready to do this, check out their free masterclass today:

Can you learn how to build, buy and sell websites for free?

Yes, of course! Nowadays, you can learn pretty much anything for free online.

In fact, Matt and Liz have a free masterclass to give you a few simple strategies on how to build, buy and sell websites for profit.

There are thousands of videos and blogs out there that explain how to do this as well.

You could learn for free to try it out for yourself, but we don’t recommend doing this…

Why we don’t recommend learning ONLY from free resources:

  • It will take you x5-10 times longer to make a profit.
  • You won’t know which tasks you should do to move you forward.
  • It’s hard to translate the general advice of free resources into practical steps.
  • There’s no real guidance, coaching or community to propel you forward.
  • Makes you vulnerable to money losses. Not having an expert with you during the early days of this journey is extremely risky.

Free resources are great for having a general overview of what’s the process. But they’re extremely risky if you ONLY use them to ultimately build an online income.

The eBusiness Institute protects you from these risks, as it:

  • Takes you through a proven system to build a website that’s profitable from the get-go. You just have to follow it and the results will come.
  • Gives you intensive website investment training so you can learn how to increase your online income to new heights.
  • Teaches you how to do “due diligence” – everything you need to check and do when buying or selling websites.
  • Walks you through what’s a good website to buy and what’s not.
  • Gives you ALL the documents, contracts, spreadsheets, checklists, and more to make the process much easier and faster.
  • Provides expert support every step of the way. You can consult with experts to check you’re making the right decisions.

Also, Matt and Liz are truly genuine people.

In terms of building successful online businesses, Matt and Liz are hugely successful.

And they are such lovely people. We really appreciate how they have impacted our lives.

Not only have they been in the business for over a decade. They are genuine, kind, and fun loving people who truly want to see you succeed.

It’s refreshing – to spend time amongst successful people who also want that for you, who share their knowledge without holding anything back.

Due to that, they’ve built a large and beautiful community of people who have been able to turn their dreams into reality.

We’ve been part of that community for 5+ years and it’s truly incredible – we talk often and help each other through.

And that’s one key thing you won’t get anywhere else – being part of the eBusiness Institute feels like being in a big family where everyone supports, helps, and learns from each other.

Feedback from other eBusiness Institute Graduates:

Highly recommended. Proven process to learn and implement website building for local businesses or affiliate income. Excellent individual coaching and support.

Lyn B. – Ex-military retraining in digital skills – Helensburgh, NSW

A site popped up on Flippa. I bought it for $2,200, I made the renovation changes you suggested on the call and by December, it was making around $2,200 per month. In January, I did AUD $6,800 for the month.

Lisa W. – Work from home mum – Perth, WA

Matt and Liz and your team, you are doing an awesome job changing people’s lives. I have come from not knowing anything about the online world at the start of the year to now earning $3,200 per month online. That is AWESOME! Thank you!

Alena M. – Now a digital nomad – Vietnam

Matt and Liz make it easy to understand something that many people are resistant to due to fear of the unknown. They help us understand the possibilities and open our eyes to how it’s actually quite easy. You just have to give it a go.

Christine D. – Ex-corporate retraining in digital skills – Melbourne, VIC

We started this journey with a desperate desire to make money online. I had to get out there and build sites for small businesses which has brought in more money than expected. This skill and self-belief have given us the ability for Brendan to quit his job that he hated and jump into our own business of website advisors. Never did I think we would be doing this 3 years ago!

Claire H. – Sydney, NSW

I bought a site for $3,000 and sold it for $22,000. It was a very passive website. It was making money through AdSense, and all I did was post content to it. Once I made my money back, I listed it for sale, and it ended up selling for $22,000.

Joe B. – Clerk to full time online – Sweden

7 reasons why you should start an online business (even as a side hustle)

7 years ago, we wouldn’t have dreamt of earning $200k a year, much less through websites. We got to this point by starting a side hustle that later turned into an online business.

But we didn’t get into this to chase money (nothing wrong with that, though). We did this because we wanted to travel more and have financial freedom.

If you want to do this, it’s worth having a clear reason why. Here are some to help you get over the fence:

1) Earn money from anywhere in the world

We can earn money from anywhere in the world.

With the bus, we’ve been in very remote places and still be able to work thanks to satellite internet (we use Starlink). This means we can be anywhere in Australia and have high-speed internet on our laptops.

This allows us to have video calls with our staff members if need be and we can run all our blogs and our websites from anywhere.

2) Have whatever lifestyle you want

First of all, you’re not locked into a time schedule. You literally choose the hours you want to work.

Secondly, you can make A LOT of money in this business. But to be perfectly honest, the majority of people come into this industry because they want the financial freedom to have whatever lifestyle they want.

You don’t need to be a millionaire for that (you can certainly get there if you want, though).

For example, we got into this industry so we can travel whenever we want, wherever we want. Other e-Business graduates got into this industry to be able to:

  • Spend as much time as possible with their kids, securing their future, and having as many experiences as possible with them.
  • Buy all the luxuries they want, without restrictions.
  • Not be held down or ransomed by their jobs, by having another income stream.

We strongly recommend getting into this industry for something more than just chasing the money. Think about what kind of lifestyle you want and use that as your goal.

S&C Tip

3) Build an asset you can later sell for 4-6 figures

This is the most incredible thing about building websites. You are literally building an asset you can sell in the future.

Using Matt And Liz’s teachings, we’ve been able to sell multiple websites for 6 figures!

All that work that you do on your websites, day in and day out, gives you a monthly income.

But if you want a lump sum, you can sell your website for a cash payment. Nowadays, you can easily sell it for 30-40 times the monthly revenue.

For example, if you have a website that generates $1,000 a month (which is very easily done), you can sell it for up to $40,000.

You can use this to grow your business, pay for a house, afford a medical emergency, or even take a sabbatical if you want.

Check out Flippa or Empire Flippers to look at what websites are selling for. These are the most used marketplaces to buy and sell websites.

4) You get what you give

There’s no such thing as easy, passive income where you just press a button and you earn heaps of money. You still have to put work in, so it’s 100% up to you.

You can put a little bit of work in each week and slowly build it up, which is what Chris did in the early days.

Or, you can really focus hard on it and quickly build it up, which is also what Chris did after he got some momentum!

Whatever you do, as long as you keep showing up, results will come. It takes a while to build it up, but once the website is up and running, you only have to maintain it.

Maintaining one website takes 2-3 hours a week, which in turn can generate $5,000 to $10,000 a month, depending on the type of website and the monetization strategies used.

5) You can start a website for cheap

Nowadays it’s really cheap to start a website from scratch. You can build one with $100.

Building it up over time and using sound strategies can generate massive profit, and you can earn back your small investment in no time.

6) Protect yourself from future job losses due to AI

There are some crazy things currently happening with AI. People are losing their jobs to it, and this is just the beginning.

However learning how to build websites protects you from a potential job loss, as it kickstarts you in digital marketing skills.

Digital marketing is a way of promoting products, services, or brands using the internet and digital technologies. It does this through websites, social media, email, and search engines (like Google or Bing) to reach potential customers.

And… digital marketing is never going to go away.

It’s only going to grow, as every single business of all industries needs some type of digital marketing. The best part? You don’t need a degree or be tech-savvy to do this.

Note: Matt and Liz teach you how to get started with this in their Digital Marketing Kickstarter course, included for free in all their paid courses.

7) Leverage your hobbies and/or knowledge

You can build a profitable website around your hobbies or your knowledge. But you need more than just creating content – you need to learn how to monetise it.

For example, lots of people build a website for a hobby, like gardening, and their love for it.

They share all their valuable expertise there, and thousands of people are reading it… But they have no idea how to make money from it.

This lack of knowledge is costing them thousands of dollars, each month.

But Matt and Liz’s courses teach you exactly how to turn valuable blogs like these into your own business. You’ll earn a good income while sharing the things you’re passionate about.

What are other ways to make money online?

Maybe building, buying, and selling websites sounds too complicated for the time being.

Maybe you don’t have enough money to afford Matt and Liz’s courses yet.

Maybe you’re not interested in that at all.

Whatever the case, that’s completely fine! There are other ways you can earn money online:

For more ideas, we wrote a guide with 30 ways to work remotely (so you can travel whenever you want). You can download it here:

Get the FREE 7-day email course: How to travel full-time without worrying about how to afford it


Can websites really generate passive income?

Yes, websites can really generate passive income. You’d just have to maintain them with 2-3 hours per week.

You can check this by looking into marketplaces like Flippa.com or EmpireFlippers.com.

There, you can see how much websites are worth, their monthly income, how much profit they generate, and more.

I don’t have tech skills, is the eBusiness Institute for me?

Yes, the eBusiness Institute is for you even if you don’t have tech skills.

Matt and Liz teach you an easy step-by-step on how to do everything. They take it slow but they also give you the option of not even having to do all the tech stuff.

They teach you how to outsource these services so you don’t have to do any of it.

How much money do you need to make money online?

You don’t need much to start making money online. You can build a website for $100 or less.

What’s key is to have a sound strategy to make the website profitable, and apply said strategy consistently. If you don’t have money to invest in your website, use the most valuable resource you have – time.

The bottom line

Matt and Liz have created courses that ANYONE can make money with… But not everyone will.

Yes, they give you ALL their knowledge from +15 years in the industry. They give you a proven step-by-step for you to follow and succeed.

They even have payment plans and offer special bonuses for Salt and Charcoal readers to make it as easy as possible.

…But it’s up to you to do the work. It’s up to you to learn and to take action. If you don’t do it, the results won’t come.

(And this applies to everything. Anything worth having requires effort).

Chris started by chipping away 10-30 minutes a few days per week because that’s all he could handle while working in the mines.

That effort compounded, and 7 years later, travelling is our lifestyle. Consistency is everything – as long as you keep showing up, the results will inevitably follow!

So, if you want to be financially free and join the digital economy, sign up for the eBusiness Institute. It’s honestly a no-brainer.

Dip your toes in with their free masterclass. Learn their strategies to buy, sell, and build websites today:

Want to travel full-time without worrying about how to afford it?

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  • Quick wins to start your side hustle
  • Replace your 9-5 and earn more than you do now
  • Plus much more!

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